Missing Woman Had Filed For Divorce

RANSOM, Ill. (CBS) — A LaSalle County woman who has been missing since a car crash that killed her husband earlier this month had filed for divorce, but officials said that won’t change the course of their investigation.

Tanya Shannon, 41, has been missing since Dec. 5, when her husband was killed in a crash near Ransom, Ill. Her footprints led away from the wrecked car, but there has been no other sign of her since then.

LaSalle County Sheriff Tom Templeton confirmed Friday morning that Shannon had filed for divorce from her husband, Dale Shannon, earlier this year. But he said that would not change the course of the investigation into her disappearance.

According to published reports, Tanya and Dale Shannon had reconciled their differences after Tanya filed for divorce.

Meantime, on Thursday, LaSalle County Coroner Jody Bernard said toxicology test results from Dale Shannon’s autopsy showed that he was drunk when he crashed into a utility pole.

“With the finding of a blood alcohol level of .266,” which is more than three times the legal limit of .08, Bernard said.

Dale and Tanya Shannon had been at a party in Streator.

According to Templeton, Dale Shannon was not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the crash.

Tanya Shannon disappeared after the crash and authorities have said searches of the field surrounding the accident site haven’t turned up anything.

“Things have not progressed quite honestly, hardly at all,” Templeton said earlier this week.

Tanya and her husband, Dale Shannon, were driving home from a Christmas party when their car spun off County Highway 6. Dale was killed. It appears his Tanya Shannon left the car and walked away.

Scores of searchers combed the snowy fields and ditches for miles around and found no trace of her.

The Shannons have four daughters – ages 4, 7, 10 and 15.

  • Tom

    Expand the search to the beaches of Hawaii.

    • Angie

      We obviously can’t help but think the worse possible thing in this case. But we also need to stay hopeful. It is an unfortunate situation all around for all involved. I hope she didn’t have some twisted part in this and is alive. But then I feel for the family who have lost a loved one and the thought of this person doing something like that it is horrific. But then if she is indeed dead, then a family has lost 2 loved ones. In the end it is a lose-lose situation.

  • Julie

    Hey Tom, how do you possibly find this amusing. 4 girls have lost their father & mother during the worst time of the year. Get a life!

  • sherise

    why is she letting her daughter smoke

    • tina

      omg look at it she is not letting her daughter smoke

  • Michelle

    She’s not letting her smoke, It’s just how the picture looks! Not the most flatering though, it can be easily misunderstood! I wonder if they are searching anywhere else for her. Someone driving by could have picked her up. Such a sad and odd situation.

  • Joe Jack

    That’s what I was going to say Sherise! She might as well put the smokie right in the girl’s mouth, it’s so close anyhow. She looks like she doesn’t care about her kids anyhow. Although I hate to say it, I think Tom is right.

  • FR

    She could have buckled herself in the passenger seat and reached over and turned the steering wheel to cause a crash. I also think Tom might be right.

  • woody in ottawa

    It is sad. Dale was a hard worker and a nice guy.

  • woody in ottawa

    Read her Facebook Page. Then look for her in Tennessee. She posted the two older girls drink. If Dale and Tanya left the party at midnight, and were not found until 1:45 about 15 miles away, what all took place in the missing period of time? Did they go somewhere else? They were on a very well traveled road by a Nuclear Plant which is supposed to have High Security. I have to question the actual accident aspects of the crash, she could very well have jerked the wheel. Dale was reported to not have drank at the party as he was the designated driver. Yet toxicology reported a .266.

  • John R

    Geez Forensic Files would have this figured out in 1/2 an hour.

  • state trooper

    As I said on other comment boards this type of accident usually the backseat and front seat passengers are the ones who get killed or severly injured,there could be more to this case than we suspect.

  • state trooper

    Hey John,there is a case on Forensic Files that a husband killed his wife first put her in the car and then ran into a abandon car on a Minniisota Hyw,could be similar in this story.



  • Bway1ner

    How were they acting towards each other during the party?
    Did she have a cellphone to call for help?
    Didn’t they hit the pole from the rear? If so, why would the accident break a big man’s naeck and not a little woman?

  • Tom

    Julie. Tom here. I just retired as a police lieutenant after 30 years. Based on what the police have stated so far (and i’m sure they know a lot more) this doesn’t appear to be an unfortunate fatal car crash and some how or another the other party survives and walks away into the night. Look at the big picture and think outside the box.

    • common sense

      Tom I may have to agree with you, i think that its kind of strange that she is missing and cannot be located anywhere unless she is in a hospital somewhere with no memory and this story has been posted everywhere so if we give her the benefit of the doubt that she is in t he hospital they would have possibly contacted the authorities..why wouldnt she at least call someone to let them know if she is ok unless she is lying somewherre and just hasnt been found either we dont know the severity of her either. I think that there is more to this story that we will find out later…but however it goes there is still 4 children that has lost their parent and my heart goes out to this family

  • woody in ottawa

    When I first heard about this, I didn’t think she wandered off in the snow. But I could be wrong. It seems a bit odd that she left her cellphone, and possibly took his. They both had Blackberry’s according to their facebook pages, and maybe she grabbed his by mistake, or on purpose. I would not be surprised to hear she flipped his in the snow somewhere, and had a disposable with her. She seemed to like to drink a lot, according to her facebook page. She worked in a bar, so she had opportunity to meet a lot of guys (and gals). Just not a good scenario overall. Perhaps she will be found dead. But I seriously doubt it. Seriously.

  • John R

    You could only get away with this in a rural area: no cameras.

  • SomethingsOdd

    You’re all forgetting that the autopsy revealed Dale died instantly from the crash, though; his back was broken. What I find suspicious, however, is that only one person (a relative) has posted something on Tanya’s Facebook page since she went missing; a relative (daughter? niece?) posted, “I hope you make it.” on December 15th — just a few days ago — and it’s a comment under Tanya’s own post about hoping she makes it in the snow that night. It’s a curious comment. (See screenshot of it here: http://oi54.tinypic.com/sbsehc.jpg ) Also, don’t you think it’s odd none of her other friends or kids have made posts on her page? That’s pretty damn odd, imo.

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