Ex-Stroger Aide Due For Arraignment

CHICAGO (CBS) — A onetime aide to former Cook County Board President Todd Stroger is due in court for an arraignment Tuesday.

Carla Oglesby will enter her plea before a judge during the 11 a.m. call in Felony Indictment Court (Br. 98) at the Cook County Criminal Courts Building, 2600 S. California Ave.

Oglesby, Stroger’s former deputy chief of staff, is charged with three felonies – theft of government property, money laundering, and official misconduct.

She is charged with steering $300,000 worth of public relations contracts to her own PR firm and to affiliated companies that did little to no work. The contracts were no-bid deals worth less than $25,000 each, meaning they did not require approval of the County Board.

Once a rap promoter running her own public relations firms, Oglesby became a campaign spokeswoman for Stroger in final months of his losing bid for re-election this year. After losing the Feb. 2 primary, Stroger hired her to become his $120,000-a-year deputy chief of staff.

The Sun-Times Media Wire contributed to this report.

  • Average Guy

    She deserves jail time, she is a thief. This is what is wrong in the African-American community, one person caring for another person at the expense of the entire community. This woman was not capable of doing the job. Yet, he hired her. Why?

  • mike

    Don’t you know? She was targeted because she’s BLACK. You’re all a bunch of racists! Stroger did a great job(hiring bus boys and home boys who didn’t qualify for bum let alone a County job that paid more than the average HONEST Black person makes). Your tax dolllars at work . HEY TONI!!!!! Can you say COMPLETE FORENSIC AUDIT OF THE CORRUPT AND WASTEFUL STROGER ADMINISTRATION? Or would that be “RACIST”???? Inquiring minds want to know.

  • The truth

    Why wasnt she capable???? What were the qualifications? Why are there white people in those spots now that are not capable?
    And Mike when you take your hood and robe off…consider this. All of Strogers top people were political allys of others. So why not blame the individuals responsible and stop acting like Stroger was a hard fisted tyrant..The incompetence came from the Daleys and Madigans people who Stroger let run his administration. AND THERE ARE STILL THERE.
    Laura Lechowicz only job was Shackman related BUT SHE FAILED AT IT..and Stroger was on TV everyday defending political hires. My question is when is it criminal to collect a salary like Lechowicz but do nothing. Oglesby hired a high powered l;aw firm to check Lechowicz on behalf of county taxpayers and the President. So Lechowicz anlong with Letecia Close and Joe Fratto used there influence with Pat Blanchard and the State Atty’;s office to go after her.
    So YES it is racist and the white people who have run the county into the ground are still there because the are connected to Daley..But Mike you probably cant comprehend this and will spew some more ignorant comments instead of facts.

  • Average Guy

    Stop whining. Every-time it happens to a black person its racism. Well, in this case it was not. When she is found guilty then she deserves to go straight to jail! Oh. I get it. She was doing it to help the homies. Cause, da can’t get no jobs. I’m big on things happening at home. Your parents teach you many things. They educate you, by teaching you to read, write and count. Most parents teach religion. But, all parents should teach you too love yourself most of all. If she had cared about her character, maybe she would have done thing differently. But, once she decided to help her homies, she became a thief.

  • gary alan

    i want unemployment

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