The Bears can now start to officially think about their playoffs possibilities. While they still have two important games left, come playoff time, the Bears could be dangerous.

“This is a team that has gotten better,” former Bear great, Dan Hampton said on the Mully and Hanley Show. “I’m not saying they’re great, but they could cause some people some problems in the playoffs, if they stay as healthy as they are.”

Healthy will be key, as it has been for the Bears all season. But the fact the that Bears have a defense that can be dominant and an offense continuing to develop weapons, the Bears could cause a lot of matchup problems for teams.

Outside of blowing away the preseason expectations for the season, the Bears have also developed into a team that doesn’t appear to have problems caused by egos.

“This is a team that doesn’t look to be out of wack with the egos,” Hampton said. “They realize that the sum of the total, is better than the talent of the parts. And the essence of the word team, is everybody checks their ego and basically makes the sacrifice for the team to be a better team for it.”

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