Devin Hester has taken Chicago by storm. And over the course of his five NFL seasons, he has established himself as the greatest returner to ever play the game. But you might be surprised to find out who his biggest fan is.

“Well I knew it was coming,” Brian Mitchell, the former all-time leading returner, said on the Mully and Hanley Show. “And to be honest with you, I was probably the biggest fan and most excited person out there watching him do it.”

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Mitchell doesn’t mind, at all, that one of his NFL records fell. He’s happy with the attention that it brings to returners around the league.

“Anytime, anyone can bring attention to the return game, I love seeing it,” Mitchell said. “Because for some reason, the NFL and the people of football don’t seem to respect the return game as much as they should.”

It can be argued, that since Hester came into the league, he has changed the game. There seems to have been much more attention paid to returners, and stopping returners since Hester broke onto the scene five seasons ago.

“I know Chicago, you have to thank [Hester],” Mitchell said. “Because I don’t think, if he wasn’t on that team that year, you would have never gone to the Super Bowl a few years ago.”

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