It can be said that the Bears’ success this season is related to the way Jay Cutler has been playing. And if you buy into that logic, then things can get even better for the Bears.

“It’s unacceptable, quite honestly,” Jim Miller said on the Danny Mac Show, when asked if it was acceptable that Mike Martz wasn’t correcting parts of Cutler’s mechanics. “[But], You don’t want to take the great things away in [Cutler’s] game.”

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It’s one thing to over-coach a player to the point where they over think and their strengths are no longer their strengths. But a coach, especially working with quarterbacks, needs to weed out the bad habits.

“I’ve been around coaches that are like, ‘hey, I’m not going to harp on you if your footwork is wrong on a touchdown pass,'” Miller said. “And you’re right there is probably not a reason to harp. But I can guarantee you this, nine out of ten times, if you are harping on it you’re going to see more of the touchdown passes when it’s done correctly. He should continue to pound on him and say ‘hey, I’m the coach, you’re the player.'”

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