Ryan’s Family Calls Ruling A ‘Cold, Heartless Decision’

KANKAKEE, Ill. (CBS) – The family of former governor George Ryan says they’re stunned by what they call a “cold, heartless decision.” CBS 2’s Vince Gerasole reports.

CBS 2 first spoke with several of his children just before the ruling. They said they were on pins and needles waiting for the decision. They are a family already suffering greatly through their mother’s terminal illness.

The emotional rollercoaster continued when just after receiving the devastating news, Lura Lynn Ryan was taken to the hospital by two of her daughters for her first cancer radiation treatment.

The ruling that George Ryan was to stay in prison was obviously not what they hoped for, and the family is taking it hard.

The emotional toll was clear as the son of George and Lura Lynn, George Homer Ryan Jr., supported by his wife and nephew, struggled to speak.

“It’s been a long road,” said Ryan Jr. “We are tremendously saddened by Judge Pallmeyer’s cold, heartless decision just seven days after my mom has been told she’s dying, and given three to six months to live. We feel it is heartless and cruel.”

Mrs. Ryan has been battling a deadly lung condition that escalated into cancer in recent weeks. She struggled to appear in court to appeal for the early release of her husband of 55 years.

Her family says she is in great pain, both from the heartache of the decision and the onset of cancer.

“It’s a terrible thing for all people to go through,” said Ryan Jr. “Ours happens to be more public.”

Former governor George Ryan has served over three years of a 6 ½-year sentence. His children spoke with him after the decision, a man devastated over not being able to stand by his wife’s side as her life comes to an end.

“Put yourselves in our shoes and you’ll know the feeling we have and he has. That’s all I can say,” said Ryan Jr. “He’s devastated as well, and he’s just worried sick about my mother.”

The family also made a final appeal Tuesday before the cameras: give us help getting him home.

One of their attorneys on the front steps today says they plan to appeal. She too choked back tears when speaking of Mrs. Ryan’s health, saying, “I hope there’s time.”

  • Ephrain Silva

    I agree with these poor people. We have people who commit murder out on the streets in less time than this man has served. Yes, he was wrong and yes it cost the lives of innocents, but where is the compassion in the Justice system. Let him go home to his family where he can put his wife to rest. This decision was politically motivated and is just plain wrong. I pray for the Ryan Family. Shame on the judge for this ruling I hope you are never in this situation for the only mercy you will receive will be that which you gave which was none………….

  • jmg

    IWah Wah Wah. I’ll tell you what’s cold and heartless, the death of the Willis children at the hands of George Ryan. Those poor parents will not be spending anymore holidays with their children. Shame on the Ryan family thinking the judge was heartless. What if we let every prisoner out who had a dying relative? Lura Lyn has children that can care for her needs, something her crook of a husband took away from that poor family. George Ryan can rot in jail!

  • Friedman

    Ryan violated the public trust and his greed cost the lives of 6 children.

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  • Nora

    I feel no pity for this man. The Willis family had to watch thier 6 children die in the exposion of thier van because Mr Ryan allowed truck drivers to bribe to get their licence. Where was his compassion? In his wallet. He needs to stay right where he is in jail

  • streamwood bill

    They said, “We are tremendously saddened by Judge Pallmeyer’s cold, heartless decision … We feel it is heartless and cruel.” WHERE WERE THESE FOLKS WHEN THE GOVERNOR’S SCHEMES RESULTED IN THE DEATHS, REPEAT, DeATHS OF THE WILLIS CHILDREN ? I do feel for the family’s pain, but they have only one GOON to blame for it, George Ryan !

  • streamwood bill

    Now the Ryan FAMILY is becoming the issue more and more. Hey, your dad messed up. Get over it ! Most are ecstatic that the judge listened to her senses and didn’t take the hook of that other creep, Jim Thompson!

  • streamwood bill

    …we’re not stupid !

  • Casinoboi

    George Ryan needs 2 thing 1: to be made an example of. So now maybe these politicians who want to do shady deals will think about it first. And secondly he should have thought about what he did before doing it and causing the death of 6 innocent babies. The Hell with you George Ryan you made you bed now lay in it & quit your crying cause no ones.

  • Lisa Jarrett

    George Ryan is where he BELONGS…. in jail. The end.

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  • streamwood bill

    Sick of the way that Mrs. Ryan is using the sympathy route to have the crook released. just get medical treatment and stay out of the newspapers. Aren’t you Ryan folks embarrased at the spectacle you are making of yourselves? FOOLS! You should be embarrased! I resent you all more and more.

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