No Christmas Celebrations For Jail Inmates

But Spiritual Guidance Will Be Provided

CHICAGO (WBBM) — Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart says he will provide spiritual guidance, but not holiday celebration, for 10,000 inmates in the jail under his control.

Sheriff Dart says there will be numerous holiday religious programs within the jail confines.

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Francis Cardinal George was set to celebrate Christmas mass at the jail, and the Rev. Jesse Jackson was to present a Christmas day program as well.

Dart said significant attention will be paid to the religious side of the holiday, and the inmates will not be at a loss for spiritual comfort and guidance.

But Sheriff Dart says the normal things most people want around Christmas will not go on at Cook County Jail. Secular enjoyments of food and presents will not be going on behind bars.

“We suggest those interested in maintaining Christmas traditions do so outside jail, not come in in the first place,” Dart said.

  • homeforxmas

    Those thugs don’t deserve the Bologna sandwiches.

    • Lynn Urlaub

      I totally agree. At least our taxes won’t be paying for a Festive Holiday in the Jail!

  • Mary Martin

    How piteous. I hope Mr. Dart does not find himself in a similar position, requiring mercy. How hard would it be to allow people Christmas?

    • Sal

      You must be black thinking about your bro’s

      • Average Guy

        The percentage of African-Americans who are incarcerated is disproportionate to the population of African-Americans, which means more black people go to jail by percentage than any other race. But, there are more white people incarcerated then any race in America. So, when people go to jail. Their going to see more whites then blacks.

  • Dan

    As Baretta always said “if you can’t do the time then don’t do the crime” so save the mercy for all the victims of the crimes comitted by the piteous inmates.

  • E. V. Bunge

    Maybe you should look at the range of offenses committed, and reserve your comments.

  • Diana Jennings

    How about if every inmate wrote a letter to every public high school student explaining the consequences of going to jail, dropping out of school and the lifelong and detrimental effects of drug abuse and alcohol…Those would be priceless presents.

  • E.V. Bunge

    A large percentage of folks in the County system are in there for drug offenses. Maybe we should adjust penalties for drug related offenses instead of expending a large portion of public funds, and incarcerating people. If we simply taxed drugs like we do alcohol, the county would be flush.

  • Hugh G. Rektyon

    “A large percentage of folks in the County system are in there for drug offenses. Maybe we should adjust penalties for drug related offenses instead of expending a large portion of public funds, and incarcerating people. If we simply taxed drugs like we do alcohol, the county would be flush.” sure….great idea….change the laws to accomodate the FEW that break them….instead of enforcing them to protect those that obey the law….what a great idea ! How liberal of you.

  • DrBenway

    Cook County has the highest % of inmates incarcerated for drug-related non-violent offenses then any other major county in the US at 68%. And its clear blacks bear the disproportionate burden of these idiotic laws. Dart has a political agenda in this and that’s the real reason for this decision and media release anyhow.

    • Sal

      What color is the sky in YOUR world?

      • Average Guy

        He’s right you are the IDIOT!

  • djenna

    I agree with the posters who say that most are in for minor drug offenses and should get Christmas.

    • trueamerican

      OMG – this is why you are who you are and where you are and why you will never get anywhere.

  • Honestly Now

    No holiday party for you! So you’re in jail for committing a crime, good you’re paying the price of crime..

    How about the forest preserve workers? They were told just two days before their party that it was cancelled. It’s not a big party, a buffet at the garage with a raffle. A couple of lights and a tree. It’s just the one day of the year that all the employees get to be together.
    Nothing, no party, dead silence…

    • Really??

      Honestly Now: You either work at the Forest Preserve or know someone who does. Just like me.

      Cook County and Forest Preserve Governments are experiencing a leadership transition at an otherwise very festive time of year. The General Superintendent, who began the tradition of the Holiday Party, was replaced two days before the party and those who respected him under his leadership would most certainly not have felt like celebrating during a time of such loss.

      Your facts are innacurate. The General Superintendent informed senior staff that the party was not going to proceed more than 10 days before the party.

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  • Stephen Problem

    This is a silly non-story from the first, yet of course the usual internet tough guys stilll come out of the woodwork to bark about hardworking taxpayers and no-account criminals and other such universally sacred or universally reviled absolutes. Whup-de-doo.

  • athomewithlovedones

    Good for you Dart.
    Stick to your guns. The prisoners can celebrate with their bunky bubba in their personal cell. Hey, they chose to leave their loved ones to be with bubba.

  • edward c. stengel

    Let’s not forget that most people in the Cook county jail haven’t been convicted of anything yet, but are merely awaiting trial. Perhaps Mr. Dart, the almighty sheriff, should consider that before he shows us just what a scrooge he is. I hope he chokes on a turkey bone. Merry Xman, Pig Dart.

    • Just Me

      Some awaiting trial two plus years; the innocent and the guilty. SO WRONG!

    • Average Guy


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