For most of the Bears’ history, they’ve been a team that has won games with a strong defense and a reliable running game. But we’re slowly seeing the offense being able to lead the way.

“It takes a little pressure off the defense,” Matt Forte said of the recent offensive production. “They know that we can go out there and score some points and if they get a few stops, that helps us out in the end.”

Before the bye week, the Bears were averaging 18 points per game and were 4-3. After the the bye week the Bears have averaged 25.6 points per game and have a  7-1 record. That increased offensive production has taken the Bears from a middle of the road team, to a team playing for the top seed in the NFC.

“We’ve relied on [the defense] a lot,” Forte said. “And now it’s time to take the pressure off of them and let them rest while we’re on the field and run the clock down, so that they can stop the other offense.”

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