UPDATE: With the the Vikings’ win over the Eagles on Tuesday night, the Bears are guaranteed at least the two-seed in the NFC Playoffs.

Updated December 28, 2010 at 10:45PM

This Bears’ season has come as a surprise to most, and there’s potential for it to get even better before the playoffs start.

While the Atlanta Falcons have been in the driver’s seat for most of the season, the Bears still have a shot at clinching the number-one seed in the NFC.

While it’s an outside chance, and the Bears will need some help from around the league, there is definite reason to keep an eye on the NFL scoreboard throughout the weekend.

For the Bears to clinch the NFC’s top seed, the Falcons (12-3) would have to lose to the Panthers (2-13), the Saints (11-4) would have to lose to the Buccaneers (9-6) and the Bears (11-4) would have to beat the Packers (9-6) and the Eagles (10-4) would have to lose one of its final two games to either the Vikings (5-9) or Cowboys (5-10).

That’s asking an awful lot, especially to have the Falcons lose to the Panthers. But so far this season, it seems as if the Bears have gotten the breaks when they needed them.

Even if the Bears don’t clinch the 1-seed, they can lock up the 2-seed with a win over the Green Bay Packers. The 2-seed would give the Bears a first round bye, and a home-game in the second round.

Originally posted on December 28, 2010 at 11:08AM

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