Go To Jail For Excessive Speeding In 2011

Updated: 12/28/10 9:03 p.m.

CHICAGO (WBBM/CBS) — If you have a lead foot, you’ll want to ease up on the pedal in 2011. In just a few days, a new Illinois law will crack down on aggressive drivers.

As WBBM Newsradio 780’s Nancy Harty reports, in a recent tally, 63 percent of Chicago area drivers ticketed for going over 100 mph received supervision, according to a published report. Forty percent of such drivers received supervision statewide.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s Nancy Harty Reports

But a new state law will change all that.

“Enough is enough. We will no longer, or stand idly by and allow individuals who drive at that rate of speed and not have to pay a price for it,” Secretary of State Jesse White said.

As CBS 2’s Susanna Song reports, the new law specifically targets drivers who speed in excess of 40 mph from the legal limit.

They will no longer receive court supervision, which means they won’t be off the hook simply after taking a driving class or participating in community service and the ticket will stay on their record.

“It was a big problem,” admitted White.

White initiated Public Act 96-1002, which prohibits the issuance of court supervision to drivers tickets for speeding 40 mph or more above the posted speed limit.

Under the new law, speeders will also face tougher penalties, such as a $2,500 fine and up to a year in jail.

According to the State Patrol records, in 2010 there were 309 speeding tickets issued on Chicago expressways to drivers who sped 40 mph or more above the limit. Consider that a 37 percent increase since 2009, when there were just 195.

Chicago drivers CBS 2 spoke to, welcome the change.

“Court supervision was too lenient. It’s a way to get out of the real penalty of breaking the law,” said Greg Owens, a bus driver from Calumet City.

Another woman from Wisconsin agreed, and added, “The raise in the fine will prevent people from speeding. Oh, yeah, definitely, who wants to pay it?”

But others questions the effect.

“I would like to believe it would, but if people are going to speed, unfortunately they’ll speed,” chimed in one passerby near the Thompson Center.

Going 30 to 39 mph over the limit could result in six months in prison, a fine of $1,500, and probation.

State Rep. John D’Amico (D-Chicago) and Senate President John Cullerton (D-Chicago) were the sponsors of the bill.

  • KFL

    Ask Jesse White where the extra $20 from each vehicle license goes to for those who own multiple vehicles. It didn’t start under his administration but has continued.
    Do fleet operators fund political campaigns?

  • tommytd

    Good. Who needs to go that fast anyway???

    • Dave

      Stay to the right Tom and you will be fine. Should you even be driving at your age?

  • Valiant Dancer


    The charge you refer to was not placed there by Jesse White nor can it be removed by him. It was placed there by the Illinois General Assembly and the funds go into the General Fund.

    Jesse White often times will advocate for laws to be passed, but he has no legislative power to levy fines, set rates, or modify laws directly.

    The individuals here going in excess of 30+ MPH over the limit represent a clear and present danger to the driving public even if some of them are High School Principals.

    The ones that spring to mind are the brain donor motorcycle riders weaving in and out of traffic in the 40-50+ MPH faster than the posted speed limits. It reflects poorly on the majority of responsible motorcycle riders.

  • FR

    With airbags or seat belts, there should be no reason people can’t drive as fast as they see fit.

    • Jason

      Good to know you don’t understand how physics works. Road-legal passenger vehicles are designed for making crashes at highway speeds survivable (not injury free) to a large percentage of passengers (ie, there are always going to be deaths with car crashes at highway speeds; crumple zones, airbags, and seatbelts are designed to limit such mortality while still providing for a car that is cheap enough to afford, has decent gas mileage, and doesn’t require 10 point harnesses, helmets, and steel safety cages everywhere). Your suggestion is ignorant and implementation of it would result in a great number of deaths.

    • Kevin

      Except for the people they kill driving like idiots, you’re right. Idiot!!!

    • Roberta Waker

      Fine. You can drive 100+ mph into a brick wall and do us all a favor. You’re undoubtedly one of the crazies that thinks our expressways are the Audobahn or the Indianapolis Speedway.

  • Vicky

    If the Socialist Dumbocrats wanted to sponsor a bill, why not come down harder on the drunk drivers? They seldom get prison time.

    • Roberta Waker

      I certainly agree with this comment. Drunk ddrivers SHOULD get the same treatment, i.e., at least ONE YEAR in jaill and a $5,000 fine. If they cause serious injuries or an accident, the time should fit the crime. Same goes for uninsured drivers that cause accidents; too many of them are still on the roads and Jesse White needs to crack down on these people too.

  • Jason

    Vicky: the Democrats aren’t Socialists, for your information.

    • Jeff

      It’s okay. It’s much easier to repeat something that one hears on FOX than to come up with something original. If conservatives could think creatively, they wouldn’t be conservative.

  • celia

    I find it funny they plan on imprisoning you for up to a year..where exactly do they plan to imprison these excessive speeders????

  • Joe

    Jason: Democrats aren’t Socialists? Socialism is far left wing, Democratism is left wing. If it looks like a duck and it quacks like a duck…

  • Roberta Waker

    Celia. I know jails are overcrowded, but I am sure they will find a way. These drivers should have their vehicles confiscated and a flag put on their driver’s license that they cannot own or drive ANY car during their punishment period. This means if they have an accident, they would not be covered by insurance with no drivers license. THEN, they would go to jail. Catch enough of these idiots and we can build a nice new jail at their expense and put a lot of people to work. Sounds good to me.

  • http://tdclaw.wordpress.com/2010/12/29/increased-penalties-for-aggravated-speeding-to-go-into-effect-january-2011/ Increased penalties for aggravated speeding to go into effect January 2011 « Reflections on Law & Justice…

    […] Note that I do not condone driving in excess of 40 mph over the speed limit anywhere. Not only is it unsafe, but our roads are not made for that kind of driving. However, I don’t think that people should be penalized if they have an otherwise clear record. You can read the full article here. […]

  • Dan

    Judges should make this decision, not politicians.

    The article says 309 people were ticketed for going 40 miles over the limit in 2009, but not how many of them drove over 100mph. It also says of those driving over 100mph, 63% got supervision. That means that 37% did not. Chances are, those driving below 100mph at the time were less likely to get supervision (65 in a school zone will get you in more trouble than 105 in a 65), but even if the 63% stat held for all 309 people, this law would affect 195 people.

    There are approximately 8 million drivers in Illinois. This law is about 0.0025% of us. Again, this is something for judges to decide, not politicians.

  • Dave

    I have been driving for almost 30 years and regularly drive over the speed limit at what ever speed is safe for conditions, never over 200 mph. I have never been in a speed accident. Speed is not the problem. Militant drivers that swerve in front of you that think their version of breaking the law is better than yours. They are doing 5 miles over but won’t let anyone do 6 miles over. These control freaks are the real issue. Drive and let drive I say, but above all, respect your fellow motorist. Safe driving has little to do with speed and more to do with paying attention to the road. We can not slow down enough to let you sip your coffee while texting your dinner plans, while trying to cross 3 lanes of traffic. If it takes me flying by you at 90 mph in a snow storm to get you to put the cell phone down, than I am doing society a favor.

  • John

    Time to move away from this dark place of corruption.

  • http://www.speedingticketfines.net/excessive-speeding-could-land-you-in-jail-in-2011/ Excessive Speeding Could Land You In Jail In 2011 | Speeding Ticket Fines

    […] Excessive Speeding Could Land You In Jail In 2011 Excessive Speeding Could Land You In Jail In 2011 If you have a lead foot, you’ll want to ease up on the pedal in 2011. In just a few days, a new Illinois law will crack down on aggressive drivers. Read more on CBS Chicago […]

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