Lovie’s Tough Decision, Rest Or Play Starters

Bears Still Have Shot At Top-Seed

The Minnesota Vikings finally did something right this season. By beating the Philadelphia Eagles, the Vikings gave the Bears a guaranteed first round bye in the NFC Playoffs.

While the Bears could still potentially clinch the top seed in the NFC, the Atlanta Falcons would have to lose to a Carolina Panthers team with only two wins. So what may be more important than the chance for the top seed, is the Bears’ chance to stay healthy heading into the playoffs.

“I’m glad I’m not in Lovie [Smith’s] seat right now, because that’s a tough call,” Hub Arkush said on 670 The Score, when asked about whether or not the Bears should rest their players. “Now keep in mind that the first-seed is still in play and I believe the Panthers-Falcons game is an early game. So at least they would know going in, [if they could win the top-seed].”

One of the major factors to the Bears’ success this season has been their ability to stay healthy. And as of now, they have the potential to enter the playoffs with all their starters, something that’s not guaranteed if they play them Sunday.

“This team has been so remarkably fortunate to be as healthy as they have to this point,” Arkush said. “If they were to go all out on Sunday and injure a [Julius] Peppers or a [Brian] Urlacher or a [Jay Culter], I don’t think they’d ever hear the end of it.”

While the outcome of the Bears-Packers game could affect seeding for other teams, and potentially give the Bears the top-seed, they to focus on what’s best for themselves heading into the postseason.

“I think you have to look out for number one,” Arkush said. “And Lovie has to decide, is number one better off with one more dry run full speed, before they take a week off, or should he rest them a little bit more.”

If we know one thing about Lovie, it’s that we won’t know his gameplan until kickoff on Sunday.

  • Truckerman45

    doesn’t really matter Lovie your bears aint goin nowhere………Hibernation with Da cubbies would be a good start…….lol lol lol

    • Spoon

      Everytime you post, you make your entire state look worse, but please continue. I’m teaching a class on communication and I need some examples of failure in the education system.

    • Frederick Kann

      The Bears are playing the starters. Can you say NFC North shutout!!! Bye bye fudgepackers!!!

  • grkmjs

    I think they should go all out to beat the Pack. It could knock the Pack out of the playoffs. The Pack would be a dangerous team to meet sometime in the playoffs. It is hard to beat a team playing them 3 times!!!!

  • realtor

    you wont make it past game 1……….what really is interesting is your fans down there four weeks ago they hated you now they are with you
    HYPOCRITES ………your gonna lose to Green Bay TWICE ! ! it’s over

  • acer

    they rode the luck wagon all year now its reality time, there are real football teams out there and the bears are not one of them….. see ya next year

  • Matthew Bright

    You play your starters and try to keep the rhythm you have going on Offense for a third straight week. Listen The Patriots have been slapping everyone around and are the Fav for the SB. I knew they wouldn’t beat the Patriots. However what the Bears receivers were able to do against one of the better defenses. Granted a couple mis-cues with the Jets D. With One-on-One coverage the bears WR’s came through and had huge games against Revis and Cromartie.

  • Spoon

    Truckerman is getting desperate, what with using multiple names to get his well formed thoughts across.

  • puddin' head

    acer who are the real football teams that you talk about..other than the Pats…seems like someone other than the Bears needs a reality check….go bears

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