Davis Quits Mayoral Race

CHICAGO (CBS) — U.S. Rep. Danny Davis (D-Ill.) is dropping out of the race for mayor of Chicago, citing the need for African Americans to rally around one major black candidate.

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Davis’ departure clears the way for Carol Moseley Braun to run as that so-called “unity” candidate for black voters in the Feb. 22 election.

“Unity can be more than a concept. It’s more than just an ideology,” Davis said at a news conference, where he was joined by Moseley Braun. “The purpose of the whole is far more important than any individual’s desire.”

Moseley Braun had been pressing her fund-raising advantage with Davis, releasing a list of black business leaders who have pledged to support her Friday. Braun’s campaign was apparently able to persuade Davis that she would be better able to compete financially with Rahm Emanuel.

davis carol Davis Quits Mayoral Race

U.S. Rep. Danny Davis (left) leaves a Friday news conference with Carol Moseley Braun, the mayoral candidate he is supporting. (CBS)

Davis sidestepped questions about political strategy Friday night.

“I don’t view myself as dropping out of the race, I’m dropping into victory — victory for Carol Moseley Braun to become the next mayor,” Davis said.

Braun said she was grateful for the support and would turn her attention to issues facing Chicago residents, including public schools and affordable housing.

“We have a challenge before us to achieve unity, that starts here tonight, but also achieve unity for the whole city,” she said.

The idea of a “unity” candidate for African-American voters has been a constant theme in the Chicago mayoral race. When fellow candidate state Sen. Rev. James Meeks (D-Ill.) dropped out of the race last week, he urged at least one of the other African-American candidates to do the same and rally around a single consensus candidate. Otherwise, he argued, Chicago’s potentially decisive black vote would be splintered.

“People thought we would be divided and this would be a bitter campaign among African Americans,” said Meeks, who also was on hand for Friday’s announcement by Davis. “We have a lot of problems in our community . . . and the last thing we wanted was this division to continue.”

Davis was endorsed as the consensus candidate early on by a coalition of African-American political, religious and business leaders. But at the time, neither Braun nor Meeks expressed any interest in withdrawing.

Emanuel, Miguel Del Valle, Gery Chico are among the other candidates in the race. Emanuel, a former congressman and top aide to President Obama, is widely seen as the frontrunner.

Earlier this week, Davis criticized former President Bill Clinton for his plans to come to Chicago to stump for Emanuel, saying it would damage Clinton’s relationship with African-Americans. Emanuel served in the Clinton administration.

Meanwhile, Braun has made headlines this week for a public spat with Chicago Sun-Times columnist Neil Steinberg, whom she called “a drunk and a wife-beater” in response to a column Steinberg wrote that mocked the idea of a Braun administration.

Davis served as alderman of Chicago’s 29th Ward from 1979 to 1990 and as a Cook County commissioner from 1990 to 1997, before going to Congress.

He has also run for mayor previously. He mounted a candidacy in 1989 Democratic primary, in a special election to finish the unexpired term of the late Mayor Harold Washington. Mayor Richard M. Daley ultimately won the election.

In 1991, he also lost to Mayor Daley for the Democratic mayoral nomination.

In response to the Davis announcement, Chico’ s campaign issued a statement that avoided the issue of race. The former chief of staff to retiring Mayor Richard Daley said he is the most qualified candidate.

“Regardless of who gets in or out of this race, I am the only candidate with a Chicago resume that is built for mayor,” Chico said. “I have the best story to tell and the resources to tell it.”

“Congressman Davis’ work on behalf of the people of Chicago goes back many years, and it certainly won’t stop today — his views will be needed in the dialogue about the city’s future,” Emanuel said in his own written statement. “With all of the challenges we face, we must come together to work on behalf of all Chicagoans and address the needs of every neighborhood.”

Del Valle likewise praised Davis.

“I am proud to have had the honor of running along side him in this historic election,” he said in a statement.

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  • Mr. Mars


    • a negro

      Its about whos the best candidate, not who is black or white. Rahm is not white nor black. Rahm is a better candidate…. so do away with the race thing. thank you.

      • Bill

        A TOM

  • Redsea

    This news is great. Let Rahm think he can buy his way into City Hall. It won’t work, just ask Jim Brady.

  • jerry

    I think the blacks should withdraw so they can clear the way for a white candidate.

  • mike

    I think the Jews should withdraw so they can clear the way for a Christian candidate.

    (i don’t really believe that, but just wanted to make a point of how racist jerry is)

  • bob

    Has everyone forgotten about Braun’s corruption problems? The medicaid scam with her mother, hundreds of thousands of campaign dollars routed to her boyfriend/manager & the IRS asking the Justice Dept several times to investigate her during the Clinton Administration and Janet Reno developing a blind eye to it.

    Maybe this is a setup to make it easier for Rahm to win. Hope Rahm brings up Braun’s corruption and Braun brings up how Rahm made 21 million dollars while the stock market was crashing when he was part of the Cllnton Administration. This could be very entertaining!!

    • Al winston

      Bob, shouldn’t it be the job of CBS news or the media to bring up these issues? Of course, if they do, Braun and Jesse will scream ‘racism’. In fact, Braun, Davis, and Jackson are the most disgusting racists there are. They assume that blacks will vote for a black candidate only, regarding of his/her qualifications. Truly, Braun, Davis, and Jesse are the antithesis of what MLK wanted in this country.

  • t

    Joe Quinlan should run for mayor.

  • ReeBee

    Thank God! And I’m not even a city voter!

  • Insider

    Just another politician making a deal under the table. Danny Davis doesn’t have the campaign dollars needed to win this race so he asks Braun what kind of perks he can get for him and his friends if he drops out of the race and endorse her. Wait till debate time. Rahm will bring up all of Braun’s past corruptions and tear her fat black ass apart.

  • Matic

    imagine if three white canidates got together and said “well two are dropping out to better unify the “white vote”

    oh how people would be so upset claiming racism.

    • joe

      Hey Matic get real!! Its not uncommon for oppressed communities to band together to empower themselves. Whites in this country have never been enslaved, victimized by Jim Crow or void of the right to vote, so they have never had to operate politically like disenfranchized blacks.

      • billy

        You are not a slave owner nor are there any living slaves!America needs to get over the collective “guilt” of the past.Power comes from within.Quit blaming the whites.Empower yourself!! IDEA! Let the legal african-americans and all the illegals of all races go back to their homelands and open up job opportunities for the african-americans to find work!That is their legal right which is taken away by illegals!Now that’s even another level of racism!

      • billy

        Jewish is not a race,it is a religion!There are only 3 races,Negroid,caucasoid,and Mongoloid!Let’s vote for the content of someones character and not the color of their skin please!One thing for sure though is that politics does bring out a lot of characters! The one thing to remember is that they are POLITICIANS that will use racial fears etc. to get elected!!!

    • Bill

      They do it all the time, but before they anounce that they are running for office

    • Average Guy

      They have done it before. White candidates have paid minorities to enter a race in order to split the black vote. The old Chicago democratic machine used this tactic frequently.

    • Terri

      Blacks can be racists as much as they want. Call them on it and you be discriminating.

  • Alo116

    It is So Sad to see most Afro-Americans still making a BIG Deal about their so-called Black skin. Ninety-eight percent (98%) of all registered Afro-American voters cast their ballots for Obama. Why?? Not because he was the Most qualified candidate but because he was BLACK. Obama don’t look Black too me.

    • Average Guy

      Why don’t “YOU PEOPLE” have anything negative to say about the two Latin candidates? They are minorities also. Oh, that’s right their skin color is like your? So that would make who the racist?

    • Average Guy

      Black people have voted for white candidates for years. The shame of America is when a black person is finally considered for a political office, whites call every black person who chose to vote for the black candidate a racist, when blacks have voted for white candidates for decades. After reading some of these postings, I cannot believe that I walk past some of you people every day.

  • darrel dillard

    braun to dum to be mayor everone can see that

  • steve

    Davis is a racist NIG. Resign Now.

  • Joe

    N I G G ER S nee dot get real.

  • Philip J. Wayne


  • MsDebrajoy Deedee


  • Terri

    This is all sooooo racist.
    Guess that what ‘civil rights’ was really about.
    I have a dream too, I just want to live in a mono-culture.

  • Nick Chicago

    Thanks editors for repeatedly not letting me give my comment in the forum,what are you affraid of the truth???

  • billjohnson3150

    You are all nutssss.

  • billjohnson3150

    You are all nutssss here.

  • Alton Brown

    Does anyone see the resemblance between carol and danny and aunt jemimah and uncle ben? It’s uncanny!

  • skeech

    Wow, never noticed that before. If they ran together for an office that had running mates it would be like voting for breakfast and dinner.

  • Toon

    Carol Mostly Fraud is a joke and an insult. I’m SO glad I don’t live in Chicago.

  • Bob Hamilton

    Black Chicago voters are so embarrassed by the actions of these delusional hacks from the 70’s. The majority of African American voters have already chosen the most qualified consensus candidate for them, Rahm Emanuel.

  • george

    carol mostly fraud… that is priceless… the person named Toon is really great…

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