CHICAGO (STMW) – After the revelry of welcoming in the new year, those who may have overdone it may be wishing on New Year’s Day that they could turn back the clocks to 2010. They may also turn to a jolt of coffee and the “hair of the dog” to help them climb out of it.

But a Loyola University Health System family physician says coffee and more alcohol are not the way to go. Instead, Dr. Aaron Michelfelder advises over-indulgers to get plenty of sleep after partying, and take a B vitamin supplement and drink lots of water after waking up the next morning.

Dr. Michelfelder also advises exercise, if you can stand it. According to a release from Loyola University Health System, blood circulates three times as fast during vigorous exercise as it does when you are sitting on the couch. And the faster you circulate blood through your liver and kidneys, the faster your body will remove the toxins.

What doesn’t work, the doctor said, are coffee and more alcohol. Coffee will make you more alert, but it won’t prevent or help a hangover, and the notion that having a drink can relieve a hangover is wrong, since it will only make you feel worse.

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