To say that the Bears’ defense is never satisfied is an understatement. No matter what the outcome of the game is, the defense always feels like they could have done better, that they’re not perfect yet.

“I don’t think like we’ll ever feel like we got it right,” Bears’ corner back Charles Tillman said on the Laurence Holmes Show. “What we strive for is excellence, perfection. And when we don’t get that, obviously, it’s failure. Even though we win the game, but it’s still failure.”

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While perfect is an unattainable goal, it’s a goal that will keep the Bears’ defense constantly looking to improve. Not only do the Bears’ strive for perfection, but they actually feel like they can get there.

“I think that’s why guys say ‘you haven’t what we can do yet,'” Tillman said.

If perfection is what the defense strives for, then last season they fell well short of their goal. The defense ranked 21st in scoring defense, allowing 23.4 points per game.

While the defense still isn’t satisfied with their efforts this season, they’ve made great strides towards what they want. This year’s defense ranks 4th in the NFL, allowing 17.9 points per game. That’s nearly a touchdown per game less than a season ago.

“I think this year, with our defense, we’re getting way better pass rush,” Tillman said. “The chemistry and the comradery is all there, this year, and it just wasn’t last year. Obviously we have Brian [Urlacher] back, which has been a huge help for us.”

Urlacher isn’t the only change from last year that’s making for a much improved defense. Players like Julius Peppers, Tim Jennings and D.J. Moore weren’t on the field last year. And players like Israel Idonije are playing at a much higher level.

“I just think our defense, we’re ready,” Tillman said. “The players, the chemistry, the trusting. I just think we’re there, we’re ready.”

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