CHICAGO (CBS) – President Obama is back from his Hawaiian vacation, concerned about a Republican House and high unemployment.

One thing for sure he’s not concerned about is his bod, as in body. Not concerned about a picture of his bod in the news on a beach in Hawaii in a swimsuit.

While on vacation, his abs and his biceps were not shown even once on TV, because his orders to reporters were no pics of the pres without a shirt.

So all we have of the president, who may be the hunkiest pres in history, is a picture on a beach two years ago.

A healthy hunk. A message to Americans to shape up. The right message from the right man to send it.

But he was chided for making a splash in the media, so his orders were firm: never a picture of his bod again.

Which reminds me of a famous picture of a leader of a nation, Chairman Mao Tse-tung of China. Remember him? A guy with only his head above water, his bod out of site below, which I can understand.

No way was Mao buffed like Barack. No way most people are buffed like Barack.

So, please, Mr. President, don’t be afraid.

If you’re feeling as good as you looked in a swimsuit two years ago, we’d like to see you in a swimsuit.

You feeling good makes us feel good.

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