The Dwyane Wade-LeBron James-Chris Bosh trio sparked all kinds of debate when they decided to team up and play for the Miami Heat. And there’s a chance that there could be a new trio staring to form.

Kevin Love, of the Minnesota Timberwolves, told that he has talked with both Derrick Rose and Russell Westbrook about playing together at some point in their careers.

“We all talk about playing together. It’s fun to talk about. When the time comes, we’ll assess the situation and figure it out,” Love said.

Just like with the Wade-James-Bosh trio, Love said that the three players began talking about possibly teaming up with each other when they were playing for Team USA.

Rose and Westbrook are eligible to sign extensions this offseason, and Love will become a restricted free-agent next season.

If the three players do decide to team up with each other, Bulls fans can only hope that Rose emulates Wade, and not James.

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