Could Next NBA Super-Trio Involve Bulls?

The Dwyane Wade-LeBron James-Chris Bosh trio sparked all kinds of debate when they decided to team up and play for the Miami Heat. And there’s a chance that there could be a new trio staring to form.

Kevin Love, of the Minnesota Timberwolves, told that he has talked with both Derrick Rose and Russell Westbrook about playing together at some point in their careers.

“We all talk about playing together. It’s fun to talk about. When the time comes, we’ll assess the situation and figure it out,” Love said.

Just like with the Wade-James-Bosh trio, Love said that the three players began talking about possibly teaming up with each other when they were playing for Team USA.

Rose and Westbrook are eligible to sign extensions this offseason, and Love will become a restricted free-agent next season.

If the three players do decide to team up with each other, Bulls fans can only hope that Rose emulates Wade, and not James.

  • Jon, Montgomery

    problem: Westbrook and Rose are both point guards.

    idea = in the toilet

  • Jake from da burbs

    Are you kidding me? The new Big 3 is Rose, Westbrook and Kevin freaking Love? LOL!

    I’ll take Boozer over Love and with Rose, why do we need Westbrook?

    With Rose and Boozer, if we could get Melo, NOW THAT would be a BIG 3.

    • Matthew Bright

      Kevin Love is the business.


    Rose, Boozer, Melo and keep Noah somehow….Melo 4 Deng, Gibson and 2 First round Draft picks.

  • Jon, Montgomery

    this story should be taken down…. seriously, take it down.

    because adding love and westbrook wouldn’t make it a super-trio, so at least change the headliner to “love and westbrook would like to play with rose someday”. OKAY?

    besides… the next super-trio is going to be in new york with the knicks. chris paul and carmelo anthony will be going there soon to join amar’e stoudemire. book it

  • HeatFan

    HAHAHA! the bulls having a ‘super trio’? what a joke! even if they could get a ‘trio’… they would never match up to the ‘trio’ of bosh-wade-james who all play for the best team in the NBA… THE MIAMI HEAT!

    bulls are jokes, ever since jordan left you guys, (good decision), you’ve been a mess, and you will never measure up to franchises like the celtics and the lakers.

    and when this heat dynasty is said and done, they’ll have set all kinds of records, they’ll have won rings for all of their fingers, and they will go down as the best dynasty and ‘super trio’ of all time.

    enjoy being bounced in the 2nd round for the next 10 years bulls fans! maybe someday you’ll get a good team that can win the title, but that will be long after bosh, wade & james retire.

    GO HEAT!!!

    • scott

      You are a clown. The Heat havnt won anything yet. This type of trolling shows the lack of b-ball knowledge you actually have. I figure you wont read this cause your probably on a Lakers site now trolling over there. Bottom line is you have a team of clowns that havnt won a thing reg season wins are swell just ask Steve Nash,Dirk, and Lebron. I went and saw a Heat game and you fans are awful they where passing out flyers on how to cheer for the Heat. Its really sad that 3 good players are in a city that has no sports history what so ever.

      • HeatFan

        miami is the best sports town in the world, you’re the one who’s a clown living in the dump known as chicago, sorry that you’re jealous, maybe one day you can grow out of blaming others for your problems.

        GO HEAT!!!

  • HeatSuck

    Keep to your own sports pages because no one in Chicago gives a damn about the Heat or your opinions. Wade is going to fall apart in the next three years, Bosh’s vagina is ever-growing, and LeBron’s ego will eventually take him elsewhere. The Heat will never be a dynasty and will be lucky to win one championship. The Bulls will be fine and continue to grow as a team, which is what it takes to win championships, not flashy names and pep rallies.

    • HeatFan

      sorry to hurt the little bulls fans feelings, but when you goof-balls get out of line by saying that your team has any chance to win the title, i must remind you of your position as a 2nd tier team in the eastern conference who would be lucky to make it past the 1st round. the title belongs to the heat for the next 10 years. sorry little bulls fans, but that’s the truth.

      GO HEAT!!!

  • HeatSuck

    Second tier teams don’t win their division, which the Bulls will, securing at the very least the fourth spot in the Eastern Conference.
    By the way, the Heat haven’t accomplished anything yet, and don’t have any bench whatsoever. They’re just not a complete team, sorry to burst your bubble.

    • HeatFan

      sorry to burst your bubble, but the bulls will get bounced in the 1st round by the knicks or hawks, the heat will sweep through the easternconference playoffs and will sweep the NBA finals no matter who they play, heat WILL be NBA champions for the next 10 seasons. anybody who doesn’t see that if a fool.

      GO HEAT!!!

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