Study: Many Moved Out Of Illinois In 2010

ST. LOUIS (WBBM/CBS) — An annual study of where in this country people are moving from, and to, finds that Illinois and other Great Lakes states continue to be places more people want to see in their rearview mirrors.

As WBBM Newsradio 780’s Bernie Tafoya reports, Michigan saw the greatest number of moves out by Great Lakes households using United Van Lines, with 62 percent of those relocating leaving the state.

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Illinois was also in the conversation. United Van Lines moved 7,100 families out of Illinois and just 5,300 families in last year. The figures amount to 57.3 percent headed out.

New Jersey saw the greatest outbound migration, with 62.5 percent. Also, Missouri was more like the Show-Me-the-Door State, with 60.1 percent of relocation traffic going outbound.

North Dakota and Kansas also saw high outbound relocation traffic last year, at 60.8 percent and 56.6 percent, respectively.

As for places to which people moved, Washington, D.C., was the top destination, with 64.3 of United Van Lines users moving into town there rather than out. Also ranking high were North Carolina, at 57.8 percent inbound traffic; Oregon at 59.5 percent; and Idaho at 57.6 percent.

United Van Lines has conducted its migration study for the past 34 years.

  • Jim

    The Washington D.C was a statistical anomaly caused by government workers coming in due to the massive expansion of the current administration. Anyone who thinks government isn’t growing needs to look at that influx.

    I can easily understand why people want OUT of Illinois. I was born in Chicago and have lived here most of my life. The ONLY thing that has kept me here is a good-paying job and the fact that I can’t sell my house. With the idiotic left-wing politics that leave us as only one of two states that has no concealed carry, endless one-party rule, criminal and/or incompetent governors, haphazard scattershot housing sprawl and no scenery to speak of, there is NOTHING here to appeal. Want to evacuate your state? Emulate Illinois.

    • Average Guy

      Jim, you can leave. No one will miss you here. I believe you are making excuses for staying. Like, “why would I leave when they pay me so much here?” Or, “I probably couldn’t sell my house and get what I paid for it.” Stop complaining and leave if you want. Oh, what in god’s name does the Obama administration have to do with anyone leaving Illinois for parts unknown?

  • Vicky

    Those are the lucky ones; I am jealous!

  • Jim

    Politicians will use this data to raise taxes. It seems like their way to attract and try to keep families is to tax them to submission! Oh yeah, there are 5300 drunk parents of families moving into this state.

  • dooinok

    Chicago in your rear view mirror would be a great way to start 2011. Killings are out of control!!! Don’t be out after dark.

  • El Gato

    Please, please all you democrats stay!! Do not move and contaminate another state.

  • Lisa Owens

    AverageGuy: Add me to the list of people moving out of here. I won’t miss the likes of people like you either.

  • MovingOut

    After a medical emergency NOT covered by insurance, I am strapped to every last dime right now to pay it off
    Illinois wants to raise my taxes 75%?

    Illinois gets my empty house, as my only option is to stop paying on it now, and save up to move away and rent in another state.

    There a many like me, you are pushing us over the edge, and condeming us to a life of poverty so you can avoid paying a single penny into your OWN PENSION? Not a single penny is being cut in the budget. Disgusting.
    This is really a sad turn of events.

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