For some NFL teams, their season has come to an end, and they’re now vigorously evaluating their current players and coaches as well as potential players and coaches to help them reach the playoffs next season.

While the Bears aren’t at this stage of their season yet, that doesn’t mean we can’t take a quick peak ahead, during their bye week, at what the Bears might do in the April draft.

Jerry Angelo has been hit or miss on his high draft picks over his career, but he has been consistent in the positions he likes to draft and where he drafts them.

“[In] any draft he’s been a part of,” John Mullin said on the Danny Mac Show, “I want to say ten or 11 of the 13, [before coming to the Bears], there had been a linemen chosen, either offense or defense, with his first pick…They will address [the lines]. I would be very surprised if not one [was drafted] in one of the first two rounds.”

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And the pick would be one of necessity, even if it were a defensive lineman. The offensive line problems have been well documented all season long. But the defensive line could use at least one more player for the rotation next season, as most don’t expect Tommie Harris to be back with the team next season.

“[They] don’t need a running back,” Mullin said. [Angelo] doesn’t like drafting receivers in the first round. They don’t need a quarterback. They probably will address linebacker at some point. I could see a lineman being picked in…both first and second round.”

For the first time since the 2008 Draft, the Bears will have a first round draft pick, that is of course unless Angelo trades out of it like he has in the past. But assuming they keep their first round pick, it will be in the later stages of the draft.

“Because of where they’re going to be drafting, they can’t really target somebody,” Mullin said. “They’ll probably have that cluster of five guys and you say, ‘we’ll take the best of these five when our turn comes, whichever one is available.'”

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