Bill Daley being chief of staff won’t do much for Chicago, if anything at all.

He will not do what people are saying he’ll do because he’s Mayor Daley’s brother. People think he’ll do what a Daley brother does, which is look out for Chicago.

It is true that Bill Daley, chief of staff, will have the muscle he needs to get from the federal government what his brother in Chicago needs. But he will not flex because he cannot — not without causing a problem for the president. 

If Bill gets the government to build better highways or schools or buses or trains in Chicago, the president will have to explain what looks like -– may not be but looks like -– a favor to Chicago.

He did not favor Chicago when Rahm Emanuel was chief of staff, and he won’t while Bill Daley is chief of staff. 

In fact, he’ll have to lean over backwards to do nothing that may even appear to favor Chicago.

Bill will be good for Barack, no doubt about that. He won’t be good for us. No doubt about that, either.

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