Brian Urlacher, Devin Hester, Julius Peppers and Lance Briggs were all named to the Pro-Bowl this season. But is there a bigger honor awaiting these players once their careers are over?

Brad Biggs, of the Chicago Tribune, joined the Mully and Hanley Show to talk about each of those four players’ chances of being inducted to the NFL Hall of Fame.

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Biggs on Brian Urlacher’s chances:

“I think Urlacher really helped himself out this season by returning with a big season. By getting back to Pro-Bowl form by picking up that 7th Pro-Bowl appearance. Coming into the season I would have said emphatically that he was not a Hall of Fame player, yet.

“The closer he can get to ten [Pro-Bowls], or if he can get to ten, I think that would really help him out…He’s got a real shot.”

Biggs on Devin Hester’s chances:

“I think if he keeps piling up the return touchdowns…If he can obliterate those records, not just own the records, obliterate the former records, he’s got a shot.

“But you have to consider that the Hall of Fame voters really don’t pay attention, what-so-ever, to specialists. And that’s really what the guy is. Listen. he’s not going to get in for anything he’s done as a wide receiver, it’s not goign to happen.”

Biggs on Julius Peppers’ chances:

“He’s going to have to keep piling up the sacks. And it’s getting more difficult for those guys to get in. Look at Richard Dent. Richard Dent was a Super Bowl MVP. He’s been on the ballet for a number of years and he’s not gotten in.

“Peppers has a considerable more amount of work to do to make himself a slam dunk candidate.”

Biggs on Lance Briggs’ chances:

“I think he’s got six Pro Bowls now. He’s been a terrific player for them, but statistically he’s going to run into the problem that he’s an outside linebacker. And with outside linebackers, the stat that people look at are sacks. And Briggs doesn’t pile up the sacks. I think he’s got a lot of work to do. Of the four [players]…Briggs has got to be fourth.”

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