Medical Marijuana Bill Fails In State House

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (CBS) — A push to legalize medicinal marijuana failed in the state House on Thursday.

As WBBM Newsradio 780’s Brian Seay reports, the bill fell four votes short of the 60 it required for passage. The final vote was 60-56.

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State Rep. Lou Lang (D-Skokie), the sponsor, says the bill would pass if his colleagues would simply admit they are in favor of it.

But Rep. Patricia Bellock (R-Elmhurst) says marijuana is a drug, and an illegal one at that.

“I think that it is an issue that is trying to be mainstreamed in America as a medicine, not a drug, and I think that’s a dangerous thing,” Bellock said. “If people want to address the issue of legalizing marijuana in the United States, or in the state of Illinois, they should address it head-on.”

The law would not have allowed prospective merchants to set up marijuana dispensaries, or restaurants cooking with marijuana recipes for medical cannabis cardholders, as in California and Colorado, respectively.
Rather, the bill would have commenced a three-year pilot program allowing people suffering from certain “debilitating” illnesses to possess up to six cannabis plants. The bill limits the illnesses that would qualify for medical marijuana to cancer, HIV-AIDS, hepatitis C, glaucoma, Crohn’s disease and Alzheimer’s.

Under the law, medical marijuana users would have had to register and hold cards, and could face two years in prison if they shared with those not legally allowed to use cannabis.

Lang denies he intends it to be a gateway to the full legalization of marijuana.

Still, the bill met with stiff resistance, particularly from law enforcement groups. They complained other states with similar laws have reported problems like increased crime around distribution sites and forged medical cards.

Downstate law enforcement officials also said the laws prohibiting marijuana don’t stop people from obtaining and using it, so any legalization will make the problem worse, the Southern Illinoisan newspaper reported last year.

Technically, Illinois authorized medical marijuana in 1978. But implementation was left to the Public Health Department and it never took action, so the law has been in limbo.

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  • Mr Voter

    Vote them hacks,out this is for dying people, they are giving this to combat vets in other states with good results…. who knows more the doctors, some GED cop, or corrupt politcal lackie…..
    IL. Land of Corruption…………

    • stephen vice

      This is all a game trying to compare the revenue from keeping people that use for any reason a criminal, rather reconise the millions being transfered from our country every day. i have been arrested convicted and sent to prison costing me everything i ever had including the death of my wife, I have 7 children and turning them into FELONS when they are not at fault for drug trafficing or manufacturing at all they just use. its not ones duty and is a violation of our Constitutational Rites to attempt to control our Diets what we consume or how we choose to follow our dreams of freedom. They say 48 percent of the USA residents have a felon or one who would be considered a criminal just for items the choose to consume. People wanna follow the law thats why people keep trying to make alternatives the consumer market is flooded with them the newest and favorite target at the time is K2 a erbal Incent thant can be smoked and produce simular effects to marijauana TOTALLY LEGAL but now lets turn the ones who use this product into a criminal. IT’S TIME TO FIGHT BACK WHEN ITS TIME TO VOTE TO LEGALISE GET UP AND VOTE GET THE LAW CHANGED ONCE AND FOR ALL OUR PRISON SYSTEM WOULD BE FREE FROM SO MANY MINIMUM SECURITY INMATES ON DRUG CHARGES WE COULD ACTUALLY LOCK UP SOME SEX OFFENDERS, KILLERS AND THESE CROOKED COP’S RUNNING OUR COMUNITYS INTO THE GUTTER THEN MOVEING ON TO RETIRE OR GET JOBS OTHER PLACES.. Where I Live In Manitowoc Un-Employment is the highest ive ever seen and they Lie about it just because one company manitowoc Cranes is doing good the candy coat it ” Come visite here Mr. President” That way you don’t see $#^( just what they want you to. We need to find a Clean Cut Person Over 21 not like my elected mayor, And groom him to what we want start the fight and don’t give up. its our family they keep destroying with these bogus Laws, the mexicans columbians and other cartels that are in control now because our country is to stupid to see the way to win and control the war against drugs, Fix Law’s Tax and Enforce……Would i wanna a crack Hotel next door to my children? hell no, But some drugs need to be out Lawed and this isnt one of them. Also with all the aCodine used in this country, Do you think the Government Destroys the Drugs from mexico or do you think they save cost of producing the codine them selves and use it for their need’s?????? The are are organised Thieves From City,State,County,federal We need a voice in washington and across the country. if i wasnt a convicted felon from 1993 Possession with intent conviction Yes it was involveing Marijauana, I would Take on the fight my sely being older now and don’t even use drug’s i would bring it to them, FREEDOM COMES FIRST AND THEY STOLE MINE OVER THE YEARS. I hope my thoughts get you thinking and explain that turning people that would never hurt any one into inmates is WRONG. What the BIBLE STATESs ” Let Yee without sin cast the first stone” “NO MAN SHALL JUDGE any BEFORE ME”

      thanks for your time hope at least 1 of you feel the same way you can e-mail me at with comments and ways to help. Legalise today!!!

      • Stephen S, Vice

        Forgive my poor spelling but when i get excited i tend to have a language of my own, My thoughts and feelings are the same, And President Obama Should support and pass the bill to legalise at once with all the suffering he claims he saw with his Grand mother. i like Obama and would hope he would At lease get this Bogus Law against medical Marijauna thrown off the books and LEGALISE IT it seems they wont let him do much more. He could get us out of debt in 1 year with billions left to expand all budgets includeing border patrol to insure CRACK or COKE wont make it here we can use the income from the sale and tax of Marijauana to win thi fight and keep out country safe. NO MRE WILL SMOKE THAN ARE ALREADY GONNA OR DO SMOKE> Get it done and i hope my spelling is better. Peace Out. Stephen S, Vice

  • Joe

    The pharacutical companies can kill thousands of people every day. People can legally purchase alcohol that is way worse than marijuana! People need to wake up!

    • Frustrated

      I agree–why is alchohol legal which kills people everyday and has no greater purpose but make people sick & abuse their families. I have a brother with a serious glaucoma disease who is in pain everyday, loosing his eyesight and no medicine has helped yet. I am very much anti-drug, but medical marijuana sounds like it would be very controlled. Help our sick people!

  • Kelly

    So, our state legislature wants to raise our income tax by 75% but they continue to vote against what could be a huge source of tax revenue by legalizing marijuana? They seem to have no problem with jacking up the taxes on one of the most destructive legal substances on earth, cigarettes, but continue to bury their heads in the sand when it comes to the medicinal benefits of marijuana.
    Pretty soon, it won’t matter what they tax because everyone will have moved to a more affordable state. Way to go guys!

  • Avg Joe

    …Let’s try that re-call bill onQuinn if he raises taxes, this bill was for compassion and sick people…after all we don’t have the top of the line health care like these lackies and hacks do….goverment i was taught in the 1950’s was a public service not a carreras some have made it. I agree with Mr Voter …time to toss more of them out!


    Time to start the re-call…..

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  • RJ

    “But Rep. Patricia Bellock (R-Elmhurst) says marijuana is a drug, and an illegal one at that.”

    Isn’t that the whole point of these debates? To change the law? Silly quotes. Nicotine is a DRUG, a very harmful and addictive one, but no one is thinking about taking that off the market, are they?

  • Grant

    Stupidity at the highest level. Seriously, you have a chance to create a new tax revenue stream in a broken state, and these IDIOT politicians vote against it. I have a news flash for all these moron representatives, PEOPLE ARE GOING TO SMOKE MARIJUANA REGARDLESS OF ITS LEGALITY!!! They always have and they always will. Why not legalize it and tax it? Oh, law enforcement says that would be bad. OF COURSE THEY DO, THEY’LL LOSE FUNDING AND JOBS OVER IT! I’m so sick of these poor decisions being made EVERY DAY by this BROKEN GOVERNMENT we have. PEACE

  • Lamdog

    Rep Bellock is correct, quit trying to back door the legalization of marijuana. Make the case the federal government does not have the authority or right to dictate what an adult consumes.

    I do not favor legalization but as with all things that I find favor or disfavor I chose to use or not to use. To arrest and detain a pothead is terrible to justify your action on the back of terminally ill is revolting.

  • Toss them out

    But Rep. Patricia Bellock (R-Elmhurst) says marijuana is a drug, and an illegal one at that….wonder how many drinks she had on newyears or before voting, and if and how many of her voters smoke cigarettes…another zealot who needs to be voted out so she can go back to work at burger king,….time to vote them out!!!, or maybe she and them cartels have a deal to keep sending money to mexico well raising our taxes….well?


    The VA gives this to combat vets returning rather then drug them up on valuims to calm them… the leagal State!

  • El Puto!

    Bellock is showing her ignorance. She sounds like a person who is scared of progression.

    This was a bill for MEDICAL MARIJUANA! It was not for legalizing the stuff for an open market on the streets.

    Very shortsighted on her part.

  • Gretchen Steele

    “Marijauna is a drug” – well that’s the point we are trying to make with this – Let my physician prescribe and monitor it’s use.. I am retired RN who suffers form MS – medical cannabis has improved my quality of life and my ability to function on a day to day basis whereas the multitude of pharmaceuticals that have been provided to me have not. Unfortunately I am unable to legally do so and must either rely on pharmaceuticals with host of problems associated with them or risk arrest. The sad fact is I now have various other health issues that can be tied directly to the use of those awful, yet legal prescribed , drugs. The available and legal narcotics such as Vicodin, Morphine, Oxycontin etc do little to actually relieve the nueropathic pain and simply leave me in snowed out state – not to mention the physical addiction issues that can be created by using these legal medications.
    If cannabis was just now appearing on the radar as a new and promising medication, the whole attitude would be different.
    Please look at this not as an attempt to “free the weed” but rather as one to move a medication from one area of the controlled substance list to another – a move that will allow so many to benefit with an improved quality of life.

  • FR

    Victimless crime is no crime.

  • Rick

    Watch Union : The buisseness of getting high

  • Steven

    I think they should legalize because a lot of people are in lots of pain and marijuana helps them to deal with diseases. It can also help people that have tourettes syndrome. Legalize marijuana!

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  • Marion

    I am 34 years old and have Fibromyalgia. Of all the rx’s I’ve tried, marijuana is the only thing that helps dull my daily pain. It is such a shame that the only way I can obtain it is illegally. I am not a criminal by ANY means. I’ve never been arrested nor done anything illegal. But I will do whatever it takes to get some pain relief. I don’t see what the big deal is. You’ve got drunk people murdering innocent people – but alcohol is still legal! How many deaths have come about from someone being solely under the influence of marijuana? Think about it.

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