Off-Duty Aurora Cop Kills Juvenile Carrying Gun

Updated 1/8/11 9:42 a.m.

AURORA, Ill. (STMW) – A juvenile was fatally shot by an off-duty Aurora police officer who allegedly saw him shooting at a group of kids Friday afternoon in the west suburb.

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According to police spokesman Dan Ferrelli, at about 3:28 p.m. the off-duty officer was driving near Fifth and South streets when he saw a juvenile shooting at a group of kids. The officer got out of the car and identified himself as an Aurora police officer, Ferrelli said. The officer told the juvenile to drop the gun, Ferrelli said.

The juvenile did not drop the gun so the officer shot him, Ferrelli said.

The male offender, who is unidentified, was taken to Rush Copley Medical Center and was pronounced dead at around 5:30 this afternoon after being taken into surgery, according to a Friday evening release from Ferrelli. An autopsy is pending.

Police recovered the juvenile’s gun at the scene, he said.

The officer is an 11 year Aurora Police Department veteran. Pursuant to department policies on officer involved shootings, he will be assigned to administrative duties pending the outcome of an internal investigation.

The victim’s age was not immediately available, Ferrelli said.

No one else was injured in the shooting, Ferrelli said. There have been no arrests or charges, Ferrelli said.

Aurora Police Department’s Investigative Deadly Force Team (IDFT), who investigate any incidents using deadly force, are investigating.

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  • brotten

    Score, 1 for the police 0 for the punk. Only about 200,000 more to go.

    • LOTD

      EXACTLY!!! Give the cop a medal!!

      • Lester g chavez

        R.I.P MY BROTHER

  • hank

    Why did Aurora lay off 8 policemen? Luckily the ones left work off duty

  • Dan Rakow

    I wish the 11 years young Boy surender and being bought to justice alive.

    • Rob

      It doesn’t say the kid’s age. It says the officer was an 11 year veteran.

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  • Rickey

    Congratulations! The off duty police did a wonderful job in preventing this demon process boy in killing someone. The demon process boy should not even had a gun to begin with.

  • LUCY

    This is sad but is better one dead than a whole bunch.

    • tommygun

      lucy i agree. email me if youd like to discuss things further. we think alike..:)

  • Bob Hamilton

    That file photo of police crime scene tape was helpful.

  • gee-reg


  • Sarah R

    renegade cops carrying weapons
    at what point did we give the police so much power.
    power to police us while off duty
    power to kill our youth
    i am positive there was another way
    there were several teens shooting at each other, but only one was injured and he was murdered by one of auroras finest
    its a disgrace to our community for such a tragedy to occur and is only furthered by some of the ignorance that i have read in these comments
    a story like this prompts me to take a special interest not only in my own children but in the neighbors kids too.

    • take back the streets

      sarah,please read the illinois law. the same law that allows him to take a life is afforded to all if its to prevent the loss of life or serious injury. law reads “a person” not a cop but a person i.e. anyone … probably wanted him to “wound” the offender by shooting him in the leg,hoped the offender fell down in pain,dropped his gun and surrendered……that doesnt happen except in movies. this isnt a movie,it was real life going on in your neighborhood with a stunt man or producer to yell halt. is it sad a younger offender had to die,sure no body wants to see a youth killed but he was in the commision ofa class x felony,attemoting to kill another human being. dont gloss over that . you can argue mental capacity and intent but the act was bullets being shot at anothe rperson(s) in an attempt to kill and the officer did what is allowed by law and stopped that treat,no matter the age of the offender. it doesnt matter if its a 10 yr old or a 45 yr old. death is death and if your shot by the same youth youre still dead. ok sara you have kids. your kid is standing in the area where these bullets are flying. the same cop see the youth firing bullets at your kid. the cop says “oh my hes a youth i cant shoot kill” and in the meantime one of them bullets then kills your kid because the cop didnt want to shoot the youth…you still ok with it? bullets always hit “a” target. maybe not the target they were intended for but they always hit “a” target and i dont want that target to be me,a loved one,or any other human for that matter.

      • Sarah R

        the boy shot and the cop were not the only ones with guns in this incident, lets keep this in mind

    • Get Real

      Here’s an idea. Put on a flac-jacket, bake some cookies, and take your PC, bleeding-hearted-liberal views and go baby sit these little animals!!!

    • Sully M

      Sarah R,

      The Police are not renegades, it is people like you who dont know how to raise your kids to be respectful of their fellow man. So when a kid goes out and is shooting at other kids its the cops fault?? NOO its the kids fault for having a gun, its the parents fault and its your fault for blaming the police for everything other criminals like this kid who do bad things. If youre so positive there is another way would you share this “Other Way” with the world?? If this kid was shooting at my kids I would want him to be shot Or if this was my son shooting at other kids I would want him to be shot by the police because he would rather be dead than to face me if I found out he did something as bad as this.

      • AP

        Sarah R = yet another moronic, bleeding heart liberal who offers no skills, no intelligence and no reason to waste flesh on her life. What do you do for a living Sarah? Nothing? Oh, you collect welfare. Yes, I thought so. Do us all a favor & move to China. It’s a PARADISE honey. Yes you can just sit around all day & let your brain sponge out, and then a nice Communist Party Official stops by bringing you dinner with a smile. Oh it’s wonderful. You can have whatever you want and there are no texes… you can’t own anything, but why would you want to?: Move to China Sarah. It’s Groovy!

      • Sarah R

        i think the ignorance in this comment speaks for itself.

  • rob

    What would you rather he do sara when he witnesses an armed offender trying to kill people? You should be thankful.

    • Sarah R

      when he witnesses multiple armed offenders we should not be led to believe there was only one, and no arrests have been made only one death

  • ninthcole

    sarah is clueless. hopeless. brainless. not worth getting upset over, she’s just too dumb.

    • Robert


      • Sarah R

        a well worded response
        score 1 for you!

  • Straight Shooter

    Sarah you are a worthless bleeding heart liberal that is adding to the decline of our society. Had your kid been the one getting shot at by this thug and this cop did not stop it you would be first in line to sue the cop and the whole department for not doing something to protect your child. You ACLU types are all the same.

    • Average Guy

      Well like I always say, “All behavior is learned behavior” and “All learning starts at home.” Am I right, Straight Shooter?

      • Sarah R

        this is true, so lets not begin by teaching our children that we should disregaurd life no matter whose we feel we should judge. unfortunately in this society there is a great lacking in parental involvement

  • Tom

    Hey, Sarah. Feel how you want about the cops. But make sure you don’t waver from that and call the cops when your daughter gets kidnapped, you get raped, your toddler is missing, or some guy is standing in front of your home shooting it to pieces.

    • Sarah R

      i am sure if i was in any of those situations the cops could not help, the cops cant erase a rape from my mind and usually never catch an assailant, kidnapped, missing? the police really solve alot of those crimes huh. and a guy shooting my home to peices…while a little far fetched and highly unprobable the police no doubt would be sitting at the gas station drinking coffee and reading newspapers with their squad cars running in the lot ( as i see them do daily at Ashland Petrol) to ever respond in time to actually PREVENT injury rather than complicate matters. i have respect for some of our officers the same as i do for some of our citizens. but a title in my mind in no way makes a man.

  • Cora

    The sad thing about all of this is that, that boy got that gun from a older person, a criminal, because only a criminal would give a young man a gun, or maybe he stole it out of his own house, who knows? However, the cop did his job, someone was definately going to die in that moment. If that boy had not died he would be looking at prison for the rest of his life or the major part of it, and then the system would of thrown him back out in the world with nothing, and he at that point more than liking would kill again. God took him out of that picture, and thank God no one else had to die that day…………I would hope that the young people in Aurora who are followers of the wrong people learn a lesson from this, and lay there want to belong, and be big and bad, and go home to there momma a daddy’s before a cop has to shoot them one day…………….

  • Sarah R

    this boy no doubt had home issues, however no one deserves to die alone in a hospital, young or old.
    and i think it ironic the way the media like to lead the sheeple into believing that this one boy shooting at innocent bystanders, not so there were mutiple teens shooting at each in a gang war.
    we should recognize the gang influence here and remember that there are other shooters that have been left unidentified and unreprimanded, while only this one lost his life.

  • fitMom

    where are you getting the information that there were other shooters who have not been identified? I didn’t read that.

  • Imnoconzervative

    It is funny how alot of you are saying yay to the cop killing a 15 year old kid and have already made assumptions about this situation based on a news article. What bubble do you all live in???? This is Aurora we are talking about, have it ever accord to you right-wing pro gun law conservatives that this kid could have gotten the gun from one of his parents and went out acting as if he was big and bad and invinsible?

    And to the person who said he or she would have wanted the police to kill his or her kid if they were acting like that, please, lets be real. First where would your kid have gotten the gun? More than likely from you. Two this is your own flesh and blood and to be truthful and honest, that makes you a horrible parent. So how can you all be gun advocates, but when a teen gets shot by police with a gun you all say great job???? And remember we just saw a tragic shooting from a middle class kid in Tuscon, AZ….Great job to those cops too, and yes there are middle class kids with great perfect parents just like you all who have kids mixed up with the wrong crowd. Im sure you all have outstanding children. Im not saying the police should not have done his job, all I am saying is before you start making assumptions get your facts straight…..

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