Sarah PAC Crosshairs Map

Sarah PAC Crosshairs Map


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  1. cindy394 says:

    looks like someone took this seriously

    1. Wild Bill Atkinson says:

      It is crazy to link a rifle scope on Tucson – with Jesse Kelly (Her Defeated rightwing opponent) shoot a M16 to get rid of Gabrielle Gifford’s to have any connection – In another example,Jesse Kelly’s website had also cross-posted a local news article that carried the headline “Kelly places the crosshairs squarely on Rep. Gifford’s: ‘Help Remove Gabrielle Gifford’s From Office’
      How would ANY Republican know that a Schizo would actually follow the orders? It’s absurd ! It’s our God given right to bombard our free nation with billionaire propaganda to remove the Lefty’s from office!

  2. j.b.smith says:

    how ridiculous to imply Sarah Palin had anything to do with this deranged psychopath who took his utter frustration & anger with our GOVERNMENT out on innocent people! CBS writers would do well “writing” for the STAR or INQUIRER. Do we really need more division in our country?

  3. tommy says:

    if his old lady would have serviced him more his anger wouldnt have been so high.

  4. Phil says:

    I’m sure something like this Crosshairs map has an impact on someone. After all, doesn’t advertising have an impact on many people?

  5. Mike D. says:

    We as a country need to stop throwing blame around like it is elementary school dodgeball game. To be honest I can’t stand Palin, but she or her poster had NOTHING to do with this shooting. To associate these two events is pure idiocy. We can point fingers for the next few weeks, but the only person to blame is the shooter. Yes he was crazy, yes he has mental issues, and yes most crazy people don’t know they are crazy. So it would have happened non the less. Leave the stupid poster up with the bulls-eyes, I feel its a little aggressive and shows how immature and stupid Palin is, but to each their own.

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