DYER, Ind. (CBS) – Josh Garza and Matt Burton are best friends and both shared a horrific experience, surviving the so-called ‘Honeybee’ shootings last fall.

Both men talked about their near-death experience too CBS 2’s Dana Kozlov at a benefit for all of the victims Sunday night.

Josh Garza, who was critically wounded, sat in his wheelchair, rapping along with his musical partner on stage at “Gino’s” in Dyer, Indiana. It’s pretty amazing if you consider just three months ago, 19-year-old Garza was lying in a hospital bed on the brink of death after being shot by the Honeybee Killer.

“Now, it’s just like anger,” Garza said, “I know this sound horrible but I just wanted to hurt someone.”

Garza was shot in the head while rehabbing a house in Beecher, Illinois and his Co-worker Rolando Alonso was shot dead.

Matt Burton was able to escape and called 9-1-1. He says he heard the gunman’s truck drive off and only then did he stop running and call for help. He says he couldn’t go check on Garza or Alonso because he was too afraid of what he would see. Burton says if his best friend Garza didn’t survive, it would have killed him.

Burton and Garza are lifelong friends and both wanted to be at the Dyer, Indiana benefit to raise money for all of the victims’ families.

48-year-old Gary Amaya is the prime suspect in those shootings. Police say the gun used in a December tanning salon attack was the same one used in the October 5th shooting spree. The fact that Amaya is now dead is little comfort to the men who survived.
“I would just like to punch him once,” Garza said.

“It doesn’t make a difference to me that he’s dead,” says Burton, “because I will never know why. Why did he do the evil things he did?

There was another victim in the shootings, a farmer in Lowell, Indiana who also survived.

Garza’s rehab continues. His speech and physical therapists say he is making wonderful progress.

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