Daley: Gun Laws Needed After Arizona Rampage

CHICAGO (CBS) — Mayor Richard M. Daley said Monday that the nation needs tougher gun laws to prevent another incident similar to the Arizona shooting rampage.

Daley made his comments at an unrelated news conference at McCormick Place.

U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.) was critically wounded, and six people were killed, the Saturday incident in Tucson, Ariz., during a “Congress on Your Corner” event in a grocery store parking lot.

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Following the shooting, several – including U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) — were quick to point out Giffords was one of 17 Democratic lawmakers that Republican Sarah Palin highlighted during the health care reform debates. Her political action committee sent out election material featuring maps of the U.S. with crosshair targets over the states where those lawmakers served.

But Mayor Daley says the issue is not political beliefs, but access to firearms.

“You have political beliefs, religious beliefs, you have political beliefs, you have personal beliefs. You have a lot of things. You don’t get into, if we try to figure out why people kill people,” Daley said. “But the idea that you’ve got a gun; you have access to a gun – it isn’t what your beliefs are. It’s basically access to guns.”

Daley went on to say we are a killing machine. He said no one should have that type of weapon and that type of magazine on the streets in the United States.

He said no one should have that type of weapon, or that type of magazine, on the streets in the United States.

A 32-round, semi-automatic handgun was used in the attack. Jared Loughner, 22, has been charged in the shooting.

But Daley also said he has no plans to cut down on his own public appearances.

“Once you push people aside, once you say, ‘You can’t even come,’ well that’s a tough life in America. You have to feel that even though they criticize you; even though they say things derogatory to you, that’s free speech,” Daley said. “You have to understand that.”

Daley remains a supporter of gun control, even though gun rights activists won a major victory in Chicago just last year.

On June 28, the U.S. Supreme Court essentially did away with the City of Chicago’s 28-year-old ban on handgun ownership, and affirmed the right of every American to own firearms for protection.

The City Council quickly passed the new ordinance to replace the gun ban. The ordinance limits gun purchases to one per month, bans gun shops in city limits and prohibits gun owners from stepping outside their homes, even onto their porches or garages.

Gun rights advocates quickly filed suit to nullify the new law, claiming that it still violates the Second Amendment. Some have argued the city must allow gun shops and ranges, and one said he wanted to open firearms dealerships in Lincoln Park and on the Magnificent Mile.

Those lawsuits are still pending.

  • Dweezle

    It’s hard to believe that Daley has the nerve to exploit the tragic incident in AZ to further his own political agenda of punishing law abiding citizens by stripping them of their right to legally own and possess firearms — because a lawless psycho in AZ got his hands on a gun and killed innocent people. Give me a break!! He still hasn’t gotten over the fact that the U.S. Supreme Court struck down his gun ban. What about the countless incidents in which ordinary citizens were (thankfully) able to use guns to defend themselves against psychos like the AZ assassin and other criminal thugs, who have no regard whatsoever for human life? Not a peep about that.

    Now Daley wants to make it even harder for law abiding Chicagoans to defend themselves against the psychos, thugs, home invaders, etc. who are going to possess, carry and use guns to commit violence at your expense regardless. I have no doubt that Daley will advocate relying on the police instead of having a gun. That argument may have an ounce of appeal (at least in theory), and one should never hesitate to call 911. In the vast majority of cases, however, when only seconds count, the police are “just minutes away,” except if you’re Daley and the police are always seconds away.

    • Weems

      How many “countless incidents” where ordinary citizens with guns saved lives? Compare this to how many lives lost in shootings. Nothing wrong with owning guns just the ease at which citizens can buy, swap or purchase assault rifles.

      • BlackOps

        Assault Rifles is a deception! These very same Assault Weapons that politicians with oppressive agendas are nothing but mere rifles. They deceive people into thinking that they are machine guns because they look like military weapons. Anyone can buy a bolt-action rifle that will shoot the same calibers that these “so-called” assault weapons do. Fact is: Machine Guns that are manufactured after the Gun Control Act was enacted by Congress can not be sold to civilians; only to LE and Military. Machine Guns that were manufactured prior to them must be registered with the ATF and the ATF must be notified when they are moved from point A to point B. Additionally, the pre-ban full auto guns are astronomically expensive (in the tens of thousands of dollars) and must be approved by the ATF prior to any transfer being made. So, ultimately anyone that can afford $10k for an UZI or other full auto weapon undoubtedly has a secure safe if not a vault in there house. All the idiots that use “Bowling for Columbine” as rallying call to gun control ignore the fact that Michael Moore is a lifetime member of the NRA. Get a clue people! People kill people. So-called Assault Weapons don’t kill people.

  • burt

    Get rid of guns? Put the gunmakers out of business. Shut down their operations. Same goes for makers of soda pop – it’s bad, leads to obesity, put the major pop producers out of business. Same for junk food. Put all the potato chip companies out of business. Beer & liquor?

    Sounds absurd but that’s the only way you can stop bad things that kill us. Put them all out of business. That is the only answer. Standing around screaming for gun reform will never work.

    • mark

      It sounds to me like you’re advocating government control over our lives. You are aware that freedom is the fundamental cornerstone of our nation.

      If you want the government to tell you what you can and cannot eat or drink, what you can and cannot do, what you can and cannot say… move to China.

      The rest of us, we would like to keep our freedom, thank you.

  • torolce1

    Why can’t Daley just go away? We can’ t all have our private security like he does. What a joke

  • Black Ops

    Seriously. This guy is one of the worst things to happen to Chicago. He’s done nothing but ruin this city. He wants to keep guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens who chose to exercise their guaranteed right under the US Constitution. Why stop there Daley, why don’t start abridging the people’s rights to free speech while you’re at it! He wants you to make it hard for lawful citizens to possess firearms for home defense and sporting purposes. He wants you to rely on the Police Department to come save your life when some thug or psycho kicked your door down in a violent manner putting you in a life or death situation when there aren’t enough officers to police the streets! Yet, there aren’t enough officers on the force because the city can’t afford to hire them. And who has had the sole responsibility of managing the city’s finances for the past 2 decades? Daley! And he’s mismanaged tax payer funds which has had the direct affect of putting the people’s safety in harm’s way. But wait, this is an effective strategy on Daley’s part. “Look people of Chicago, criminals are everywhere and they have guns. Oh my, I now have a purpose as Mayor and that purpose is the fight crime. However, I’ll spend your money on making my cronies richer instead of hiring first responders to ensure your safety.”

    Good riddance Daley. Now we’ve got another crackpot to deal with: Rahm Emanuel. After 30+ years in this city, I no longer feel proud of being a Chicagoan and am finally moving to Lincolnwood where I can own firearms without being harassed by self-serving, greedy, and corrupt politicians.

    And lastly, SHAME ON YOU MR. DALEY. To use a tragic event to further your oppressive political agenda. The question we as Americans need to ask is: “Why wasn’t there a law-abiding citizen with a CCW at that horrific scene to put that psycho down before he had the opportunity to kill more people? I’m sure the police were “minutes away” but concealed carrying law abiding citizen would have been much closer. “DALEY: THE BIGGEST JOKE OF WHAT WAS ONCE A GREAT CITY”

  • John Spartan

    Why can’t everyone just get along like they do on Chicago’s South Side? I mean, no one has a gun there, everyone hugs one another on sight–it’s like heaven! All because they keep voting Democrat down there. Why, that’s where our brave and highly experienced president came from! Yep, Mayor Daley and the south side democrats have all the right answers, don’t they? Just a little more money for schools and they’ll be perfect! Long live the south sy-eed!

  • Vicky

    I agree; no registered Democrats should have guns.

  • mike

    I think it’s quite ironic that a person who is surrounded by armed guards 24 hours a day tells us that we shouldn’t be allowed to posess a firearm. Nazi Germany didn’t allow personal ownership of a firearm either. I’m sure lots of high party members were exempt. Why own a firearm ? WHEN SECONDS COUNT THE POLICE ARE JUST MINUTES AWAY!

  • Brenda

    I agree that sometimes the wrong people have guns. But, the issue isn’t about guns. The issue is the person holding the gun committing a terrible, horrific offense. Who is Mayor Daley to suggest that any person holding a gun would commit this type of crime?

    Does Mayor Daley live in an area where home invasions or break ins occur on a regular basis? Does Mayor Daley and his family have to defend themselves in any way? Do they live in an area where police response is less than five minutes? (which the answer is YES). How can the general public defend themselves against attackers? Are we expected to believe that this city is run under equal law enforcement that anyone calling 911 after hearing gunshots will be immediately safe? I think it is a terrible crime that our mayor wishes to decrease gun availability that is already so tightly held under control in this city. I would much rather be standing next to an average person, capable of controlling and using a firearm that is also carrying one, than facing a criminal who is holding a gun and have no way of defending myself accept compliance of whatever is asked.

  • DG

    To Richard M. Daley: You, sir, are an idiot.

  • mark

    So if we ban guns, violence will end? What about all the beating deaths that occur each year in Mr. Daley’s city. Or stabbings?

    I have an even better idea!

    Rather than ban guns, let’s just ban unjustly killing people. We’ll make it a crime and call it “murder”!

    And once it’s illegal, nobody will do it any more. Right? Am i right?

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