If an NFL season was determined by what people thought, than this season would have gone much differently for the Bears. And that’s exactly why they’re not listening to what anyone thinks now.

“Well really, if we go by what people think, we wouldn’t be in the playoffs,” Bears’ defensive lineman Tommie Harris said when asked if they liked being considered the favorite. “So it’s really what the Bears think.”

Most people are assuming that the Bears will beat the 10-point underdog Seattle Seahawks and move one step closer to the ultimate goal. The Bears know how close they are as well, and because they know, they’re not taking the chance of letting their focus wander.

“Right not we’re just focusing on us and just staying focused,” Harris said. “We’re so close to it, and that’s the scary part. It’s right there in front of us, we can see it. We just have to stay focused, and that’s what a lot of guys around here are doing.”

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