Muller: Auburn Is The National Champion? Not In My Eyes

By Shawn Muller–

Congratulations to the Auburn Tigers on winning the BCS National Championship.

You definitely deserve to be the champions. Scratch that. No you don’t.

In fact, I believe that every time any person mentions the words Auburn and national champion together in the same sentence, an asterisk should be placed next to those words every time. I also believe that every time someone mentions the names Cameron Newton and Heisman Trophy winner together in the same sentence, the same steps need to be followed.

Watching the confetti rain down from the rafters upon the heads of the Auburn players and their head man in charge, Gene Chizik, made me remember why I think the NCAA is the most gutless organization in all of sports (I think the IOC and FIFA would have something to say about that). Why do I feel this way? Because only the NCAA would allow a member institution (Auburn University) and it’s football program to make a complete mockery of its governing rules without any type of penalization…but I digress.

How is it that major college football is the only sport in which the naming of a national champion occurs without an actual playoff system in place? Everyone outside of the NCAA understands that a playoff is not only preferable to the fans, but it is necessary to determine who the champion should be. The BCS system is an absolute joke (shocking new development I know)! Unfortunately, seeing the $$$ are all that the suits in Indianapolis are worried about, not common sense. I don’t care what Auburn’s BCS ranking was. I don’t care that Auburn is from the powerful South Eastern Conference. I still don’t consider them as the true national champion.


Because there is another undefeated team in the FBS that has just as much of a stake in claiming partial ownership of the crystal ball as the Auburn Tigers do.

I am speaking, of course, about the TCU Horned Frogs. TCU beat the Wisconsin Badger in the Rose Bowl on January 1st to complete their own blemish-free 2010 campaign at 13-0. I understand that TCU did not play in one of the “Big 6” automatic-qualifying conferences, which, makes it a little harder to get a gauge on just how good a non-AQ school actually is, but the Mountain West Conference (where TCU played) was probably better than both the ACC and the Big East this year. The Horned Frogs were as real as it gets this season. Their record was as real as it gets as well.

Many college football experts thought that the Badgers were the hottest team in college football heading into the Rose Bowl, and quite possibly, the nations best team. Yet, TCU took care of business against Wisconsin, winning 21-19. After watching the Tigers and the Ducks play probably the ugliest 60 minutes of football I have ever seen in the BCS Championship Game, there is no doubt in my mind that TCU could not only have hung with either of those teams, but they could probably have beaten them. And this is coming from a guy who absolutely despises non-AQ teams! Man, that was really hard for me to say!

Having the season end with two undefeated teams isn’t the only reason I cannot view Auburn as the undisputed kings of college football for the 2010 season. The fact that Auburn was allowed to play the entire regular season, along with the SEC and BCS title games, with a player that, for all intensive purposes, should have been ineligible (don’t kid yourself into thinking Cam Newton was an innocent little boy in all of this) to play football at all this season, just strikes the wrong nerve with me.

I am, like many college football fans across the country, still trying to figure out how, exactly, quarterback Cam Newton was even eligible to continue to play this season, let alone suit up at all this year. An NCAA “investigation” surrounding him and his leach of a father, Cecil Newton, uncovered a “play-for-pay” scheme while Cam was being recruited by Mississippi State University.

Here we have a father admitting that he was, in fact, seeking roughly $180,000 for his son to play for the Bulldogs. Here we have a kid that is on record as saying that he wanted to play for Mississippi State University, but the money was too good to pass up at Auburn. If Cecil Newton couldn’t get his son to play at Mississippi State for $180,000, just how much money do you think it took Auburn University to sway the elder Newton to get his son to sign with the Tigers? For a minute there, I thought the NCAA was not as spineless as I had initially thought. Just a few short weeks ago, Cam Newton had been ruled ineligible to play in the SEC Championship game by the NCAA after the initial investigation into these allegations were found to be true. Then I realized it was the NCAA is was thinking about, so of course, the very next day, Cam Newton was magically ruled eligible to play again. Anyone really think Auburn wins the SEC title, let alone, the *BCS National Championship without Cam Newton?

I didn’t think so.

Quite frankly, I am sick and tired of the Cam Newton saga, but when you see that the rules in place were so blatantly broken, and no one involved suffered any type of punishment, it is laughable at best. The NCAA felt that the younger Newton, along with Auburn University, had no idea Cecil Newton was soliciting his son’s services on the football field for monetary gain. Yeah…right. I am sure then, that if you believe the Newton situation, then you also believe former Heisman Trophy winner Reggie Bush, had no idea his parents house was paid for by an agent. You also probably believe that Pete Carroll and his USC coaching staff were not breaking any rules set forth by the NCAA, and neither the Bush family or the USC coaching staff had any knowledge that improprieties were taking place within the Trojan program.

It may be too early to tell regarding what will end up happening to Cam Newton and Auburn University down the line…but this entire NCAA football season will have a black mark on it just as the 2005 USC title season did with Reggie Bush. The problem is, however, that USC did not get into trouble until many years later. Auburn may not be in trouble right now, but I have a feeling we haven’t heard the last of this story as the weeks and months begin to add up, but to me, the damage has already been done. TCU won’t get to play for the title on the field like they should, and the Oregon Ducks may have lost the “title” game to a team that probably should not have even been there.

So once again, congratulations Auburn University on winning the BCS “Championship.

You definitely deserve to be the champions. Scratch that. No you don’t. Well, at least not without these (*******) anyway.

Do you agree with Shawn? Post your comments below.

steve muller Muller: Auburn Is The National Champion? Not In My Eyes

Shawn Muller

Shawn Muller has lived in Chicago for 7 years. He is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and just recently received his certificate in radio broadcasting in October of 2010. Sports have always been a passion of Shawn’s. In his free time, Shawn enjoys spending time with his wife Melissa and 3 year old daughter Ava, catching any live sporting event, and traveling. Check out his radio show, “Grab Some Bench with Muller and Bangser” at

  • Nick

    Just for future reference, the saying is “for all intents and purposes” not, “for all intensive purposes”. Sorry, I’m not normally grammar police but that one drives me crazy. Everyone says it wrong! “for all intensive purposes” doesn’t even make sense! Anyway, I agree with the article. TCU and Boise St. could have played with any of the other top 10 teams in the BCS. They need a playoff. Hopefully one day it’ll happen.

    • Shawn Muller

      Thanks Nick. I will be sure to pay my fine to the Grammar Police as soon as possible! Lol!!

  • Brilliant Person

    TCU can’t beat Alabama. Get real. Roll Tide!!!!!

    • muller what an idiot

      good point

  • bill

    oregon would have ripped tcu to shreds

  • Mr. Holly

    Yes! TCU deserves to be the national champions based on the 3 ranked teams they beat.

    Wait. Didn’t Auburn beat 7 ranked teams? Looks to me that the right team was crowned.

  • Don

    Good stuff Sean. Its unfortunate that the entirety of the SEC is just as corrupt. UW Huskies in recruiting back off immediately upon finding out a kid is being sought by the SEC. Why? Because we cant afford it. CFB is ran by the mob. Thats my story and Im sticking to it.

  • duckdodgehide

    I watched Pawn Stars rather than the “NC” game. Congrats to TCU, the only legitimate unbeaten team.

  • Willis

    “intensive purposes”??? wow.

  • Dave Johnson

    Your haircut is gay

  • al

    TCU beat 1 currently ranked team.. Wisc.. Wisc had trouble with San Jose State for Christ’s sake. They also lost by 10 to Michigan State who got the living daylights beat out of them by a 3 loss Alabama. A beating so severe that I actually hoped they could stop the game. TCU may be a good team, but they could not go through a schedule like the SEC teams play. And anyone who knows football, knows that kids cannot get up for a game with the Little Sisiters of the Poor. Wisc didn;t want to be there and went through the motions with no emotion. TCU sees it like a NC game and was pumped up. Sorry, but a 2 point win over a Big 10 team won’t cut it.. Besides, TCU scored less that what… 7 teams Wisc played??

  • Eddie R.

    I would suggest that asterisks be put beside this year’s Sugar Bowl champions also. Agreed?

  • Krist

    As an Auburn alumnus, I will admit I am biased. But as a journalist, you should get the facts correct.
    1. Cam is not on record as saying the money was too good to pass up at Auburn. That is hearsay at this point. And the hearsay is the money was “too much” which can take on a different context.
    2. MSU never offered any money to Cecil Newton. So your statement about Cecil could not get his son to play at MSU for $180K is not accurate. Maybe Auburn matched
    MSU’s offer of $0 and sold Cam and his father on the idea that Auburn could win a national championship with Cam.
    3. Auburn ruled Cam ineligible, not the NCAA. The NCAA reviewed the findings to that point and rule Cam was eligible.
    One day, it may be proven Auburn did pay for Cam’s services. But let’s judge them on the facts and not on internet hearsay and inaccuracies.
    As far as TCU, I feel for them. Auburn was in that same situation when USC won their national championship in 2004 and had to vacate due to the Reggie Bush situation (it was not 2005 as was written in your article, Texas beat USC for the 2005 National Championship).

    • dave

      Anyone who believes that he turned down 180k at one school to play for another for free needs to buy this swampland i have for sale! morons

      • Krist

        My gosh!!! Do you people read?? Mississippi State NEVER offered any money!! There was no money to turn down, moron.

  • johnson

    Great aritcle. Every college football fan knows Auburn had no business even in the NC. I think the title will be stripped within two years maximum and probably much sooner. No matter which way you look at it, Cam is ineligible and Auburn has made a mockery of the NCAA and disgraced the whole SEC.

  • Rod

    you are so clueless that I started to not to even respond. The real reason the Barners was not included in the 2004 championship game were 2 as a matter of fact. The prior year USC went to Lower Alabama and beat you 23-0 and it was not even a contest. TV runs the show now with the NCAA and college football and the USC Auburn game would have been a nothing game… who would have wanted the same two teams, both lost little due to graduation, meet again on a neutral field, after all USC beat the tar out of the bald eagles in Auburn in 2003 23-0 …. remember that Barner.. and if you say cheat, all I have to say is repeat CAM NEWTON. USC was the best team in2004 and the best since the Nebraska 1995 team. Don;t start the Bush was ineligible and all that, Cam was a pay for play, just ask Cecil. Oklahoma was the best team and they lost because USC was that much better than other teams that year. Learn to read and do logic.. please

    • WarE

      Auburn isn’t even in lower Alabama, you smart ass ignorant prick.

      • Chuck

        need to brush up on some geography much? yes, auburn is located in the lower half of alabama…whered you think it was???

    • Dman

      Rod, these blogs are for adults. Please go back to studying your algebra before you get in trouble. Since you weren’t old enough to remember the facts from 2004, I’ll fill you in :). AU did get beat pretty bad by USC before 2004, but they had some key injuries and Jason Campbell was nothing compared to what he became under the new OC in 2004. He was even one of FOUR 1st round picks that year. He was a different QB from one year to the next. AU went undefeated in, BY FAR, the toughest conference in all of football…no one can argue that. USC plays nothing teams all year and barely won to a very mediocre team. No one knows who would have won that game, but it sure should have been AU playing for the title and not OK that got tit handed to them in the NC game two years in a row. Now, since you have learned some history, go back to your studies.

  • Rod

    this was meant for the Barner above … Krist … not for you Muller, sorry your article was right on about Auburn. The last time they won a NC in 1957, there were ineligible to play in a bowl because of NCAA violations. In the early 90’s Pat Dye was fired for having a pay for play scheme at Auburn. Not only was Cam shopped, they paid for Dyer from Little Rock AR, just ask the people from U. of Arkansas who are still mad about this . This year Auburn has more pay for play people if some good reporters like yourself will just ask a few people in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia and Louisiana. The clue is when players from their own state have been life long fans, and then the last 2 weeks of recruiting suddenly go to Auburn, you know somethng is up. When a cheater like Auburn keep on getting rewarded for cheating, they will keep on going like the like the rabbit … it just keeps on going

  • Krist

    Yep Rod, you were better off not responding. Think about it a little more next time. Everything I wrote is factual or plausable. I don’t think I wrote Auburn is in the not cheating. I just said let’s judge on facts that we have, not hearsay.
    And as far as 2004, stuff happens. Auburn didn’t get a chance. Nothing I can do about that. But you should know that results from the previous years don’t really determine the game of the next year. But I guess haters are gonna hate! Peace!

    • dave

      lol its because of the cheating that 49 1/2 states hate awbarn, and anyone whos interested needs to google search for all time ncaa infractions………theyd find awbarn #3 all time cheaters! I totally agree that this NC needs to have multiple asterisks beside it. Enjoy reaping the fruits of cheating and hope that the barn doesnt get the death penalty and kicked out of the sec when the F.B.I. gets done with the investigation…………oooops you honestly didnt think it was all over did you?

      • dman

        Dave, do you have any idea why the FBI was even in the investigation? I bet you have no clue. It is because of a man named Milton Mcgregor. You have no idea who is , but will probably google him and act as if you do. Anyway, the FBI is out of it because Mcgregor was found to have no link to this. All big schools have boosters who pay big players. Sad, but true. It just happens. AU has been caught over the years and the biggest one that has been referred to (under Pat Dye) was because Troy’s current coach (who was an assistant at AU at the time) was set up on a recording by a player who wanted to blackmail the school. He was turned down for money time and time again. He was on tape saying that he can’t feed his family because of football and Blakeney did the right thing and bought him a bag of groceries using the famous saying, “Keep it down home cuz.” Get your facts straight.

  • Auburns Big Brother

    Auburn cant even win a nat’l title w/o getting flack!!!!!!!!!!

    Who said money cant buy you happiness?

  • TCUFrog

    Stupid aubies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Pay for play, the AUBURN

  • TCUFrog


  • Fire Shawn Mullen

    This article makes me want to write a letter to Wisconsin and ask them to incorporate an ethics course in their journalism curriculum.

    You are writing about hearsay and not fact. Neither Auburn Universiity nor Cam Newton did anything wrong. If you research the facts you will see that the only parties involved in the scandal are Cecil Newton and Mississippi State boosters.

    Perhaps the real issue here is Big 10 jealousy?

    Report facts.


    “This article makes me want to write a letter to Wisconsin and ask them to incorporate an ethics course in their journalism curriculum.
    You are writing about hearsay and not fact. Neither Auburn Universiity nor Cam Newton did anything wrong. If you research the facts you will see that the only parties involved in the scandal are Cecil Newton and Mississippi State boosters.
    Perhaps the real issue here is Big 10 jealousy?
    Report facts.”

    YOur full of it! The only way auburn can win is by cheating and you know it! Im a TCU fan and I know they cheated. But you keep telling yourself he didnt take money. You keep telling yourself he didnt cheat on his tests at florida. You keep telling yourself he didnt accept a stolen laptop.

    The guy is a thug along w/ Fairley. But hey its AUBURN! WHat did you expect. They are always riding the coat tail of LSU, Florida, Tenn., Alabama, and Georgia.

    I guess you havent taken the time to look at the sign more carefully-

    “Family, All In (On paying Cammy off)”

    Beat your chest know auburn. Its short lived. Ask Reggie Bush and usc.

    Anyway, w/ all the talent they are loosing they will be lucky to see 7 wins next season.

    War CHEATING Eagle!

    GO TCU!!!!!!!!!

  • AFjail

    Man you are right TCU FROG!

  • Danny

    The Horned Frogs would have lost at least 4 games in the SEC. There is no way they could beat Auburn, Alabama, LSU or Arkansas, Muller you need to give your opinion on something other than football, You obviously don”t know much.

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