Oak Brook Village President Collects 4 Pensions

OAK BROOK, Ill. (WBBM) — The village president of west suburban Oak Brook regularly decries the public pension gravy train, but now an investigation finds he and his wife are riding it.

As WBBM Newsradio 780’s Regine Schlesinger reports, Oak Brook Village President John Craig often speaks out against his municipality’s mounting pension obligations to its public employees.

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But a joint investigation between the Better Government Association and the Daily Herald finds that Craig and his wife collect four public pensions, totaling around $142,000 per year.

Now, the 76-year-old Craig stands to collect a fifth pension when he retires from his current job, a $63,000 post with the Illinois Secretary of State’s office, the Daily Herald reported.

Craig and his wife receive pensions for the Chicago Public Schools, the River Forest School District and the Cook County Sheriff’s police.

Craig defends his pensions, telling the Daily Herald, “I earned them.” He chalked the controversy up to politics as he runs for reelection in April.

  • Tanya Livingston

    He’s right. I know many in government who start their careers not for idealistic reasons, but with an eye toward earning a pension in 45 years. It is really sad that their careers are not about service or doing something meaningful, but about a pension. Self-interested, practical people, all perfectly legal.

    • getmeonline

      I believe that pensions are based on years of service and the amount contributed. This guy isn’t doing anything illegal unless he is collecting more than what was contributed and matched on his behalf. If any of us were in the same situation, would we be complaining? Would we be the subject of a news article or a blog?

  • Dan

    They should have a system where all the public entities have 1 pension. If you move around with-in it allows you to EARN more pension points for time served not the stacking of multiple pensions like they have now.

    That would allow someone the freedom to change jobs for the publics good and their own satisfaction and eliminate the corruption

  • Rusty

    This guy has done nothing wrong.
    Fix the system. It’s broke and we can no longer sustain under such loopholes (of which, there are many in the public sector).

    • Roberta Waker

      I agree that the system is broke. When someone stays within a government or other system and collects one pension, then another; we need to eliminate the first pension by adding (combining) it with the second pension. The first pension should be combined with the second one and then the second combined with the third, etc., etc. That way there would only be ONE pension, but money would not really be lost from combining the others.

  • Jim

    How many jobs can you pay for with $142k/year? Good thing our system is so broken or we would have 3% unemployment and low taxes.

  • jesse jr.

    i have a public pension,30+ years giving up HOLIDAYS,CHRISTMAS

    • Roberta Waker

      How are you not on Social Security? I know teachers don’t pay into SS and cannot collect, but they Do have nice pensions. We aren’t judging anyone; you pay into SS and then you collect on it. Everyone should pay into it just like everyone has to have Medicare, whether they need it or not. And stop paying for peole that aren’t really disabled, didn’t pay into it or don’t deserve it. I don’t agree with this; but that’s how it is.

      • Larry Horse's Arse

        Federal employees (including the Post Office) were on a non-SS based pension plan…do not get SS.

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  • KE

    The problem is that in many governmental jobs all you have to do is put in 7 years to be fully vested. We are not talking about the old company days where you put in 30 YEARS to earn your pension.

    That is why many start with the state — meet their pension criteia, then move to another municpality, federal, city, etc.

    The actual pension salary is one thing –the free health adn dentla insurtance for you and the wife, etc, etc is where the cost really starts to mounts up

  • Jim B

    How pathetiic is this guy. Retire already, collect your big pension and let someone else have a job. You’re 76 years old, still working, while the unemployment rate is almost 10%. Give it up. Same goes for all of you greedy old peopl.

  • Larry

    This old fart must be a Daley relative.

  • Roberta Waker

    Greedy old people? How do you know if we are greedy or needy? We paid for 50+ years into Social Security and NOW you don’t want to give us back anything on this “investment”? The government has “borrowed” from SS and will probably NEVER pay this loan back. No raises for two years in a row, yet the politicians keep giving themselves 5-20% raises even in this economy. No wonder this country is in big financial trouble. It’s the politicians that are greedy.

  • Tom

    Larry Horse…At one time Congress wanted Government workers on SS.
    The unions / workers aren’t stupid..They voted almost 100% against the proposal.

  • Larry Horse's Arse

    But now, Federal employees are on SS (unless they are grandfathered into the old pension program…same one Congress has).

    By the way, that’s an interesting question….do members of Congress contribute to SS???

  • Larry Horse's Arse

    OK, I just looked for the answer.
    As of 1983, all Federal employees (including members of COngress) contribute to SS.
    Those whose employm,ent began prior to 1983, no.

  • Nick Chicago

    the chief of police wants fire a police off when he should be locking up the real crook`s!!

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