Cutler: I’m Not Bothered By Critics

LAKE FOREST, Ill. (CBS) — When Jay Cutler’s name has come up in past comparisons of NFL quarterbacks, “never been to the playoffs” before was always mentioned; but that has never bothered Cutler.

“No it never bothered me,” Cutler said Wednesday. “I am not the first quarterback that hasn’t been to the playoffs in his first five years of his career and I won’t be the last.”

As CBS 2’s Megan Mawicke reports, it also doesn’t bother Cutler that he’s often criticized for his body language and demeanor.

The national media descended on Halas Hall Wednesday to find out how many people really know who the real Jay Cutler is.

“I don’t know,” Cutler said. “You have to poll these guys; there is one, two people.”

Why is that?

“Because they raised their hand,” Cutler said.

So does he care how he’s perceived by the public?

“I don’t worry about it. I don’t know what my public image is,” Cutler said.

His teammates were quick to defend Cutler’s personality.

“Jay is a good guy and he comes to work every day to work hard. A lot of guys get this perception of Jay as arrogant or whatever, but I think he is the opposite of that,” said Bears running back Matt Forte.

“People form their opinions off of misinformation, but not one of his teammates cares about it or what people think of him. He is our leader and no one around here (Halas Hall) questions it.” said Bears tight end Greg Olsen.

No one is going to care if Cutler is surly, prickly or Mr. Congenitally if he wins his playoff debut and leads the Bears to the NFC Championship game. But there is no doubt that Sunday’s playoff game is a defining moment in Cutler’s career.

  • Dan Rakow

    If you think Jay Cutler is not bothered by the crtics.

    i’m not bothered by who the Chicago Bears would play in the NFC Championship should they be victorious vs. Seahawks on Sunday.

  • Lynn Urlaub

    Hey Jay-You Should Be! The critics are correct. You panic, have horrible mechanics which lead to rotten accuracy and tons of red-zone interceptions. You have a bad attitude, most former players can’t stand you and your work ethic is sad, to say the least. You have no playoff experience and you say the critics don’t bother you. Just goes to show that you always think it’s someone elses’ fault when your game falls apart. I don’t care how many times you had to run for your life – you cause at least 60% of the sacks because you simply won’t throw the ball away. You had a bad rep in Denver and, for the most part, you’ve done nothing to change perceptions. I have no faith in your abilities and no faith that GOOD JAY will show up on Sunday. That, Mr. Cutler, IS your fault, not the critics.

    • scott

      You have no idea what his work ethic is. Public persona is variable when you do good the media spins it another way. The argument goes both ways people are jerks and are spun to look like good guys…..Michale Jordan? The bottom line is bad mechanics and work ethic have no correlation between being a good guy. Playoff experience starts now and if he wins than no ones talking.

  • BS

    i wanna see both of u tough guys in the pocket when colapse ,and u face 2 guys 270 pounds ech..have u panic??what about our offensive line???i bet both of u will s..t ur pants…good luck…its not about one guy, our offens suck..

  • K

    Doesn’t matter if he has the pro bowl offensive line- Cutler still sucks and always will

  • mz

    I hope you guys aren’t Bears fans… cause you suck.

  • scott

    Mz I agree what is with this hate? Looking around the league and seeing what other teams have at QB I am sitting ok with our situation.

  • WillKill

    Its time for the whole BEARS team to grow up starting with the quarterback!! Its no more excuses, its no more pointing fingers its time to grow!!! Jay has the potential to be a pro bowl and top 5 quarterback in this league but all of that comes with skills, a good line and receivers who help the damn quarterback out from time to time!! If you pay close attn to the game Jay is not allowed to even audible out of a blitz!!! So alot falls on Jay for his decisions he makes but alot falls on the so called talented line and receivers the Bears surrounded him with SMH!!! Everyone have to do better and Jay need to become the leader of this team!! If somebody misses a blk he need to get in they ass If a receiver runs the wrong route, he need to be in they ass!! This is his team and the others on this team need to respect that!!!

  • WillKill

    But Jay need to learn how to take in some of the things sum critics say, such as superbowl winning quarterbacks Troy Aikman who defends Jay alot and also Steve Young!! Jay do need to work on his mechanics, his foot work!! He would be a wayyy much better quarterback with his arm strength if he were to ever get those minor but huge things together!!

  • Tom

    What a punk. He’s the sole reason that at times it’s difficult to pull for the Bears. And I already knew he didn’t listen to his critics, including his coaches. Alas, the inability to hold on to the ball and his terrible decisions at times when it comes to passing. . Folks. Just check the NFL stats for most fumbles and INT’s and see who leads the league in both.

  • Jim

    Cutler reminds me a ton of Dan Marino. That being said, Marino was a much better quarterback than Cutler will ever be, but there are similar in the way that they act towards their teammates. Every time that Marino was picked off, he found his receiver and chewed him out, never taking responsibility for his faults. Exactly like Cutler, who has his head so far up his own @ss that he will end up with respectable stats when he is done, but without any rings or accolades that would put him in the same sentence as the greats.

  • grkmjs1

    To all you Cutler bashers – EASE UP. There are only 3 QB’s in the league who can carry a team. They are in Indy, N.E. and N.O. Such is the state of the NFL. If any on e of them were the Bear QB we’d be talking dynasty. The Bears have more talent than they are given credit for. The special teams are the best EVER. The defense is as good as it gets IT is just to bad they have to play Lovie’s Cover 2 all the time. If they would just give the guys a little flexibilty ( ala Ron Rivera ) and mix it up, we would have 7 PRO-Bowlers. Do not fret Bears win Sunday and play Green Bay next week for NFC Champ.

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