By Shawn Muller–

For sports fans everywhere, one of the most fun things to do is play the “what if” game. You know what I am talking about. What if they had gone for it on 4th and 1 on the goal line instead of opting for a field goal? What if they hadn’t missed so many free throws? What if the manager had stuck with the starting pitcher after he was cruising along with a 2-0 shut out heading into the 8th instead of turning the game over to the bullpen? Would the outcome of the game have been any different?

Questions like these arise every single day on internet chat rooms and bar stools across the country. The “what if” game is what makes watching sports and following your favorite teams so much fun. When your favorite team is on the losing end of the spectrum, the “what if” game can be gut wrenching and a tough pill to swallow. But, if your favorite team is on the winning end of the spectrum, the “what if “ game makes the victory taste that much sweeter.

What if? Two simple words that probably mean the most to any fan when talking about sports.

The “what if” game dominating the world of Chicago sports right now is the possibility of the Chicago Bears playing the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship, with the winner of course, earning a spot in the Super Bowl in Dallas, Texas. It really doesn’t get any bigger than that does it? The history between these two storied franchises is second to none. The Bears and the Packers have met 180 times on the gridiron. The Packers have the most NFL Championships and the Bears come in at second on the all-time list. Sure there are other big rivalries in the NFL, but nothing compares to the hatred shared between these two “Norris Division” teams.

What if? That is a pretty exciting question for Bears fans here in Illinois and Packers fans up there in Wisconsin.

But “what if” one or neither team takes care of business this weekend in the divisional round of the playoffs? All of this talk amongst Bears fans and Packers fans and the national media will have been for naught. Everyone person that follows the NFL, outside of Falcons fans and Seahawks fans (for obvious reasons), want to see a Bears vs. Packers playoff game. That is what 70 years will do to people. As close as this dream match up is to becoming a reality, it could all come crashing down this weekend if both teams don’t take care of the task at hand.

What if? It is a fun prospect to think about.

The best thing for Bears fans and Packer fans to do is focus on their teams’ playoff games this weekend. Remember, those are the two games that matter the most right now. Enjoy the moment that you are in and worry about what the future brings tomorrow. This would be the correct course of action to take for anyone (Bears and Packer fans alike) as they get set to take their spot on the couch as an “arm-chair” quarterback this weekend. If the long-awaited playoff game between these two franchises is meant to be, it is meant to be.

But where is the fun in that? The beauty of being a fan, and not one of the coaches or players, is we actually CAN look ahead! So, let’s look ahead! Let’s hope for Chicago vs. Green Bay in the NFC Championship Game.

Man…What if?

Sounds good to me…

Do you agree with Shawn? Post your comments below.

steve muller Muller: Bears vs Packers For The NFC Title…What If?

Shawn Muller

Shawn Muller has lived in Chicago for 7 years. He is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and just recently received his certificate in radio broadcasting in October of 2010. Sports have always been a passion of Shawn’s. In his free time, Shawn enjoys spending time with his wife Melissa and 3 year old daughter Ava, catching any live sporting event, and traveling. Check out his radio show, “Grab Some Bench with Muller and Bangser” at

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