MICHIGAN CITY (CBS) — Most of Chicago saw only a few inches of snow on the ground today, but a short drive into Northwest Indiana provided a totally different picture.

CBS 2’s Suzanne LeMignot reports, several towns there are digging out from 15 inches.

White out conditions on westbound I-94 caused an accident that shut that expressway down for two hours Wednesday. There were more accidents on the Indiana Toll Road, and part of that road, between Portage and South Bend, was shut down to truck traffic

Two trucks were heavily damaged in the I-94 accident, near mile marker 38 just west of the U.S. 20/U.S. 35 exit in Michigan City.

“It seems like people forget how to drive,” said Indiana Master Trooper Dave Miller. “If there’s snow on the ground it may look like it’s wet. If it’s wet, there’s gonna be slush. If you’re traveling at the speed limit, 70 miles per hour … it’s going to cause you to spin out. We’re asking people to slow down.”

Trucker Dave Veleke saw several collisions, traveling southbound from Wisconsin.

“People out here, be careful,” he said. “These roads are terrible. This lake effect snow is the worst.”

While some are taking their time navigating around the storm, others are getting right in the middle of it.

Scott Nowatzke has a snow removal businesses and spent the day helping customers dig out.

“This is money dust for us,” he said. Days like these put food on his table, he said.

Those who didn’t have the benefit of heavy equipment, were digging out the old fashioned way–with a shovel.

“We’ll get done soon hopefully,” said Ryan Gresser of Michigan City. “Workout. Definitely a workout.”

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