Pregnant Woman Angry After Being Kicked Out Of Bar

ROSELLE, Ill. (WBBM) — A woman reportedly is considering contacting a lawyer, after a northwest suburban bar kicked her out because she’s pregnant.

As WBBM Newsradio 780’s Bernie Tafoya reports, Michelle Lee, 29, is eight months pregnant. She says she was with a friend, and was only drinking water last week at the Coach House, at 300 N. Roselle Rd. near Roselle.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s Bernie Tafoya reports

At one point, however, Lee said a bouncer pulled her aside and asked her if she was pregnant, according to the Chicago Tribune. When she answered she was, Lee says the bouncer told her she had to leave.

The bouncer reportedly said the bar did not want to be responsible if something happened to Lee, if a fight broke out or something else.

Lee said she felt humiliated.

The Illinois Restaurant Association says pregnant women cannot be discriminated against in such a fashion. No one from the bar has issued a comment.

  • John R

    The bar’s policy is solid, the lady should forget about it.

    • Patrick Crawford

      the bar policy is solid? youre a jerk! she shouldnt have humiliated like that…lemme guess youre single and alone??

    • mcguffin

      How is this policy “solid”? Why would the bar be more responsible for what MIGHT happen to a pregnant woman than for what MIGHT happen to anyone else? They aren’t, and she should have been allowed to stay.

      • Average Guy

        So, now she is allow to sue!

  • tony

    Bouncer has no idea. just set the bar up for a lawsuit. I’ve been there and they are morons.

  • ger

    I’ve been in the restaurant/bar business 20+ years. Not only is it discrimination not to allow a pregnant woman in the bar… it is discrimination not to server her alcohol because she is pregnant (at least in Illinois). The bar DOES have to post signs stating the dangers of alcohol consumption while pregnant, but to refuse alcohol service based on pregnancy is discrimination. According to this story, she was drinking water. The bar may have wanted her out because she wasn’t buying anything. If they actually said they were doing it because she was pregnant, they are in trouble; however, she could be using her pregnancy as an excuse and an opportunity…. maybe they told her she had to leave if she wasn’t buying anything (juice or soda counts as something) and she ran to a lawyer and said it was because she was pregnant.

  • aquarian

    i know I’ll get clobbered for this comment, but I’ll say it anyway. My opinion is that a woman eight months pregnant does not belong in a bar. People get drunk and roudy, a fight could break out and she can get hurt. But this is the land of law suits, plenty of greedy lawyers and opportunistic people. I fell inside of a major dept. store, almost broke my ankle, had to have x-rays, mri, pay doctor co-pays and medications. I would not even think of suing them because there was no negelct on their part. Accidents happen, mine was a freak one. That was in November and II’m still not healed. Lady forget about it & prepare for your newborn baby.

  • unknown

    as a private business you should have the right to refuse services at your discretion. if they mentioned the reason as “pregnant” that’s another story.

    i would like to know however, hypothetically speaking, that if they did serve her alcohol and down the line her baby would have some type of defect would she try and sue then as well?

    people let’s use common sense and stop the nonsense lawsuits!

  • Anthony

    So what you hillbillies are saying is if say a waitress or a bartender gets pregnant that works there it would be perfectly ok for them to get fired because of it? She is a grown woman that has the same rights to move about as anyone else, period.

  • LogicMan

    I agree with Aquarian… For those who have never been to this establishment, it gets PACKED to the point that you can’t move 4 nights a week… It’s one of only two late-night hangouts that’s open ’til 4am in the area… I can understand if you went to a Restaurant/Bar for dinner (at dinner time), that’s a different story; her mother had mentioned in one of the articles about doing just that the following day. But… A bar… At a late hour…? Seriously… For the sake of embarrassment, save yourself the headache & move forward with your life….

  • Foofs

    This is BS. I wouldn’t have left. I would have made them remove me! Call the cops a-holes! OH, and I would have ordered a beer! I’m five months pregnant with #5 and I one beer isn’t going to hurt me…. that would be a scene. Drag the angry pregnant woman out as she’s chugging a beer.

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