Provident Hospital Won’t Accept Ambulance Runs

Updated 1/12/11 10:58 p.m.

CHICAGO (WBBM) – Provident Hospital of Cook County plans to drastically reduce its emergency services starting Saturday when it will no longer accept ambulance runs.

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The move will strain emergency departments on Chicago’s South Side.

CBS 2’s Pam Jones was at Provident Hospital Wednesday night and spoke with diabetic Derrick Evans as he entered the emergency room, “That’s got to be crazy. I mean gunshot victims, as hard as this neighborhood is, and our community needs ambulance services.”

The hospital tells CBS 2 that out of the 40,000 emergency room patients, seen yearly, 3,800 are transported by ambulance. By cutting ambulances, the hospital says it can save $20 to $25 million each year and make room for more out-patient care.

University of Chicago Medical Center officials say they expect eight to 10 more ambulances at their hospital as a result and increased wait times for some urgent patients. Some patients may have to be transported all the way to Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Streeterville, Stroger Hospital on the West Side, or Christ Hospital in suburban Oak Lawn.

Provident has informed the Illinois Department of Public Health of its intent to drop to the lowest level of emergency services. The Chicago Fire Department also has been informed.

The hospital’s ER staff will continue to see walk-in patients.

Cook County Health and Hospitals System spokesman Lucio Guerrero says the change is part of a strategic plan to reduce inpatient services at Provident to make room for more outpatient care.

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    […] Update: Provident Hospital Won’t Accept Ambulance Runs Provident Hospital of Cook County plans to drastically reduce its emergency services starting Saturday when it will no longer accept ambulance runs. Read more on CBS Chicago […]

  • Bob W

    Banksters’ greed — and the failure to regulate them — does have its negative consequences. After taking down the US economy and that of the Western world, how many have received prison terms? They just go on their merry way as the rest of us deal with the fallout of their rapacious greed.

    • dave kesinger

      You have to be kiding me. Maybe its because the state of Illinois run by Democrats don’t have the money to pay their medicaid bills. Or now that Obamacare run by democrats is getting ready to kick in private health insures are dropping peoples coverages because they cant afford to buy them anymore which is the tru purpose of obamacare to go to the single ppayer system. You can expect a lot more of this as the private health care systems go broke over time due to OBAMACARE. Ahhhh socialisim you gotta luv it

    • WinterDafney

      Anyone hear of private ambulance companies? Why must a hospital supply such service?

      • PowerPC

        They are not accepting Ambulance patients period. It does not matter whether private or public they are not accepting patients coming in via ambulance. It is the hospitals decision to turn away patiients with life threatening injuries to concentrate on out-patient services like colds, the flu etc. The other hospitals can deal with the overflow of those near death.

    • Jim

      How about they use emergency room for emergency’s? Stop shooting each other.

      • Mary Urech Stallings

        The hospital has it all wrong. Stop the walk-in people who just have a cold and only let people with real emergencies come into the ER.

        Yeah, and stop popping each other.

    • Ron

      Welcome to the beginning of the end of the best health care in the world. Thanks go out to all of those elected reps and senators in DC who carefully read the legislation and voted in the manor their constituancy advocated. One can only wonder why they chose not to be covered by the wonderful health care system they imposed upon the rest of us? Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a law that congress and all other government officials had to be held to the laws they establish for the people they serve.

    • rscott

      Sorry this has nothing to do with the Banking industry, try sorry city, county and state administrators. And they happen to all be Democrats…….

  • B. Responsibile

    Greed? Give me a break!! How many of those ER patients in that neighborhood will actually pay their bill? I’d close the ER down altogether.

    • Irish67

      Thats an excellent point. When I had to be taken by ambulance to a hospital, I got a bill for the service. I of course paid it, but I can imagine the volume of indigent or deadbeat patients who put the entire cost on the hospital and/or taxpayers.

      • dessertgirl

        I went to our local ER on a weekend for a killer earache and I sat there while 32 people came in and registered and we/they were all asked two questions: Do you have a job and do you have insurance? I was the only one who could answer yes to both questions and on my way out, I was asked for the $50 copay. I produced my debit card from my bank and the woman didn’t know how to process a debit/credit card. She had to go for help. There were so few who actually pay that they don’t know how to handle it.

  • lilly

    Shotages and substandard goods and services; it’s the glory of Utopia. Obamacare will run doctors’ private practices and hospitals out of business. Everyone will have more expensive health “care” and no where to go.

    • big hank

      there’s always the UK, the bastion of free care. Or India where the rich get taken care of.

      • sgbarnes

        I plan on India.

    • Erik

      Yeah! Lets cut more taxes, that will help our struggling hospitals. God if only there was a way to ensure that people were able to pay their medical bills instead of skipping out of them entirely.

  • Boyer Stoothy


    Signed, the elite

  • Bruce Nelson

    They closed the last emergency room on the south side of Chicago when I was living there in 1989. That’s Brownsville, 95 percent black. Anyone shot or stabbed has to be ambulanced to a hospital outside of Chicago (or far to the edge of the South Side, i.e. U. of Chicago.

    This is genocide, clear and simple. That never gets mentioned in the press, not even in your article.

    • LaShawn C.

      Genocide? Are you serious? Maybe someone should address the issues in the “community” that are leading to so many shootings and stabbings? And if you think it’s bad now, wait until Obama fully kicks in. Don’t worry though, I’m sure he’ll give a great speak about it and give out some t-shirts. YES WE CAN!

    • me

      95% you say?
      That brings up an image; nice neighborhoods, friendly responsible people. The type that always pay their way.
      I’m going to click away now, not caring about how the pigeons have fouled their nest.

    • SMIA

      If you believe that there should be a hospital on the south side of Chicago, get together with the people who believe the same and open one. Don’t ask government to force other people to do something that you are not willing to do yourself.

    • dan

      If those people would stop shooitng eachother it moght make a difference

    • Isah

      The Chickens are coming home to roost.

    • Richard Cabeza

      How is whitey guilty of genocide when black people are killing black people in a 95% black community? This is the logic of a typical Obama voter. How funny is it that “Obama” is not accepted as a correctly spelled word by this website? Hahaha.

  • RufusVonDufus

    I’ll bet MIchelle Obama has had something to do with this as this was what her previous job was all about–finding ways to keep her countrymen out of the uppercrust hospitals for which she was paid over $300k per year. What a giant waste of money that was. A really dumb move by that hospital. But what can you expect as it is Chicago!

  • publius_option

    The crook here is the ambulance company that bilks the taxpayer to the tune of $6,250 per ambulance run. It’s the state and local interests that corrupted Hoover and FDR’s single-payer health plan. So it’s about time the federal government resumes control and delivers it to EVERYONE. We’ve already paid for it. What part of this don’t you understand, Barack-Baby? I worked at Provident 25 yrs ago.

    • Ron

      The crooks are all the leeches in our society, and the government confiscating our money and property, which we earned by the way, and giving it to vagrants in order to buy their votes.

      • Ambulance Driver


      • bryan

        i agree.people need to start paying their own way and stop depending on others for their needs.

      • Sharon

        Absolutely Correct! Personal responsibility for one’s own wellbeing should be the manatra of the land. Why should the taxpayers pay for the bums.

    • MerlinMedic

      What drugs are you on? A full paramedic ambulance run bill’s less than $1,000. Medicare will pay $350 of that, medicaid $150. Now pay for the paramedics, who are not municple employees, & thus get paid a lot less, few bennies etc., Then try to run your biz with all the regulations and such. Not the place to invest if you want to make $$.

    • bryan

      i can’t brlive it. over 6,000.00 for a ambulance ride. were i live,their privet companies. they charge about 450.00 per transport,and if you can’t pay up front,you can make small monthly payments.

  • Debs Deb

    Don’t comment on what you don’t know about. They are cutting BLS ambulance service. That is the lowest level of transport. It is very common for people to call 911, have the ambulance come to their house, complain of something monir like a headache or sinue pain, and the ambulance MUST take them to the hospital. Sometimes the person only wants a ride to town, but has to play the game of getting the ambulance there to take them under the guise of a “medical emergency” earache.

    • single_payer

      Who are you replying to, Debs Deb? I know about all the calls by civilians to get a free lunch, and by hospital administrators to jack up budgets, but you can’t make the case that a single ambulance run is worth $6,250.

    • Yahszea

      I ain’t no fool, I need to eat, and get my lottry tikets

  • robert m

    Chicago, Chicago,….la t..dah…’s my kind of town,,,,the song says it all. The iinhabitats and taxpayers deserve what they created.

  • Gray Ghost

    The tax payers deserve what they are getting, they continue to elect tax and spend democrats who really don’t give a wit about them, crime is rampant and the city is broke. My only comment is NO federal funding for them, they made this bed …. let them sleep in it!!!

    • Ron

      Tax payers are not electing these people. Bought folks are!

  • cadgbd

    o’death care. socialized medicine in canada and europe. as ambulance service is canceled and the ques for urgent care get longer and longer the sickos that voted for ‘bama care will have time to ponder while waiting in que for nationalized health care if they can hold on long enough to get help.

    A cursory glance at the UK or Canadian health care system should be instructive. Recently a canadian politician came to america for hearth surgery. there was a big stink about this.

    Question; if the political class will not be forced to accept o’death care (as the peasant class will be), does this mean that canadian politicians will be treated to the elite medical services as american politicians?

    There is much work ahead to depose “Bama and reverse and cleanse the communist scourge including o’death care.

    If you are a socialist leftie that voted for ‘death care are are a die hard ‘bama supporter than it is is karma that you wait for hours to be transported to a hospital far away where you will wait in que. Call it karma or call it the direct result of policies others tried to warn you about. Serves you right and you are hurting lots of other folks in the process. Yes, yes, of course it is Palin or Bush’s fault. We all know…

  • janadu

    Hospitals in our city haven’t had their own ambulances in years. Private companies provide ambulance service. You call 911 and dispatcher contacts one of them. Insurance billed by the private company. Hospitals have nothing to do with it. I don’t know what all the hullabaloo is about.

    • Sharon

      These hospitals are declining all ambulance patients. This is not a matter of running their own ambulances. They all work as you have described. This will remove that emergency room as a neighborhood resource.

  • GoBigBlue

    This whole story is a LIE. This is Chicago. We have been run, along with this state by Democrats for 50 years, 80 years, since our state was number 3. We are now number 49 in jobs and 4 in taxes. This works great. Our socialist experiment works!!! Everyone is entitled, someone always to blame, we have created a class of dependent people, …but they all vote for us not matter what!!! Ahhh, Iliinois!

    • Dutra

      All credit must be given to the greedy unions and their liberal supporters.

  • perfectly stated!!

    @Ron………………..GREAT POST!!!!! Thnx!

  • Will

    You are out of touch….just got back from guarding poppy fields……22 months….never fired a shot……joining the army was for me a big mistake….I can’t blindly take orders

    • Ron

      I doubt that young man. Too bad we have not had millions serving just like you. Then America would not exist and Germany and japan would rule the world. Hope your family is white with blue eyes or you most probably would be executed.

      Military service is the greatest contribution I have made. I served in Desert Storm and hated every minute but glad I did it. How do you plan to make a living without following rules? Even gangs and drug dealers have rules which must be followed. You’re a disgrace to to the service. The rules of engagement suck over there but you can thank these liberal politicians for that. They are making the rules today and undercut our troops at every step when they were not. That impacts moral buddy. That’s ok though. I know a lot of service men and women who are patriotic servers. You’ll be safe from our enemies. Even with Obama at the helm.

      • Average Guy

        Its dopes like you who give the military a bad name.

    • ken

      Will I don’t think so no unit has done 22 months since 2003 (I am in active duty). I think you are right you should not of joined the Army, but I say that from the poor Armys standpoint (although I seriously doubt you are in the Army). You are like the .01% of my Soldiers lazy, useless, always crying about something, and inept. They joined the Army only for free college and thinks the Army ‘owes them’ something–ugh. As for the other 99.9% of my men who are brave, selfless and all around awesome you bring those people down with your lazy useless ways. They have to work extra hard to complete your mission when you don’t ‘feel like it’ and go to sick bay.

      • Ron

        Nice Ken…I knew one of you Army men would chime in and put this coward in his place. Thanks for your service. Ron

  • sean patriot


  • Guido

    Freeloaders kill the system everywhere. My brother’s a paramedic and his stories would scare/shock/disgust you. Freeloaders call 911 for ambulances when they’re bored, lonely, want a trip to the nearby liquor store, etc. They cost millions for hospitals every year. E-rooms are loss leaders at every hospital. Freeloaders are why YOU pay more money in hospitals. Freeloader criminal illegal aliens are why E-rooms all over the southwest have shut down in recent years. I lived in AZ and saw that personally. In TN fire depts are now demanding a payment every year or else they won’t respond to your house when its on fire. That’s where it will have to go-you’re a freeloader and get nothing OR you pay up front for service. It’s only what they’ve earned for abusing the system extended to them out of charity and courtesy.

    • Dutra


    • Mary Urech Stallings

      Double Amen.

  • Guido

    You’re right, Ron. My brother’s stories are horrific. There’s one drunk fmr. Colonel who runs up and down the street drunk caling 911 from every pay phone. There’s guys who call for rides so they can have a warm bed for the night. One shut-in calls so people will come out and feed him because he’s too lazy to get the food for his stomach tube from his own fridge. Filthy, lazy, worthless freeloaders. And they’re why real sick people have to wait or die. If I remember correctly, the only way to get to the head of the line is to lie and state the casualty has stopped breathing or has no pulse.
    I think they should initiate a Boy-Who-Called-Wolf policy where repeat offenders get no service and perhaps demand a credit card up front or a yearly payment up front. Log on to, or whatever, and give them your paypal or CC or whatever to insure service when you need it…

    • Dutra

      Amen brother!

    • Ambulance Driver

      Amen again!!

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  • AeroJack7

    Quit shooting each other. Wow. That was simple enough.

    • Dutra

      Sort of like ‘abstinence’.

    • Georgio

      Or learn to aim better.

  • R.G. Frano, A-EMT-4-Paramedic, ACLS, (Ret.)

    I made my living from 1975-1994 in the ‘Blood&Guts trade’, (11 yrs of which was on a Bronx, NY, midnight paramedic M.I.C.U.), cleaning’ up after the Saturday Night Knife & Gun Club.
    During that time, at least 1 level 1 Trauma Ctr. was on ‘diversion’ EVERY {expletive referenced} shift, a classic example of R. “Bin Ladin, the Freedom Fighter” Reagan’s ‘Trickle Down’ economics, where the only trickle is (either) a red or yellow bodily fluid!
    I suggest a lawyer be contacted & tell this hospital that if they continue to refuse ambulances, they can ALSO refuse Medicare/Medicaid!
    They’ll install an airport’s ILS glide slope to assist inbound M.I.C.U.’s, after their (administrative) knees quit shaking’, mark-my-words!!

    • Ambulance Driver

      I guess you are continuing to pander to these people now there you’re ‘ret’, right? You go to the..hum, “Homeless” shelters to feed these poor slobs, bring them clothing and blankets from you house, right? Give them money from you’re pocket so they can have a meal….boo hooo


    • Sharon

      I am sure they would love to refuse Medicare and Medicaid. They are not getting paid anything for it. Most of my Doctors won’t take it. It is only going to get worse as Obamacare gets more entrenched. Instead of extending health insurance to all the deadbeats they should up the pay for servcies. That won’t happen,though.

  • Ambulance Driver

    Tell it like it is brother! Amen and Amen!

    • Ambulance Driver

      This reply is to Ron…

  • C. L. Alexander

    When I was very young, Ohio produced most of the manufactured goods in the United States. Manufactured goods, oil and gas production, high standard of living for most people, it was wonderful. People had the opportunity for better lives. Two things are required for a booming economy, cheap and abundant sources of energy and a population willing to work. We definitely have people who want to work but there are no jobs. The federal government has to be a promoter of the use of domestic sources of energy, coal, oil and natural gas. Our government prevents us from using domestic energy sources, forces us to send hundreds of billions of dollars overseas for imported oil and fails to see how their policys have contributed to an almost compllete loss of our manufacturing base. There is a large population of people in this country who need factory jobs. They’re not going to college and if you don’t want to support them with your tax dollars then we have to bring back our manufacturing base. Government policy needs to support domestic energy production and domestic manufacturing of goods. Stop blocking the drilling for oil, don’t throw up more roadblocks to the drilling for natural gas and encourage the mining of coal. Cut the corporate tax rate, which is the highest in the world and encourage businesses to return from offshore with a pro domestic business policy. The business of America is BUSINESS, not nation building or policeman to the world. We need to take care of our own business first, jobs and a high standard of living for our own people.

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