Yes Kerry Wood will be a lifetime member of the Chicago Cubs but NO he was not promised any specific job. A report earlier circulating that Wood has been promised a broadcasting gig when his playing days are over is not true. Now, it very well could end up that at some point Wood might enter the TV booth but that has not been broached. What was discussed between Wood, his agent and Tom Ricketts was that Wood will always have a role in the organization. The most likely role envisioned at this time is that of an ambassador. All the sports franchises in town are expanding on this subject and the ambassadors that the Cubs currently have are getting a bit long in the tooth.

Wood is both photogenic and personable so the Cubs were quick to take him up on his offer to pitch for a year (or longer) and then move on to whatever other role becomes available down the road.

As for who will be color person for the radio broadcasts that may or may not have been determined but it wont be announced until shortly in the near future. The Cubs have plans on honoring the late Ron Santo at the upcoming convention and didn’t want to over shadow or interfere with those plans honoring Santo

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