SKOKIE (CBS) — Undercover police officers posed as deliverymen for Edwardo’s pizza in Skokie last week to arrest a man for credit card fraud.

Skokie police arrested William Peppers, 31, on Jan. 8 for allegedly using a credit card account that was not his own.

Officers went undercover as pizza deliverymen when he ordered a pizza and other food on that credit card and had it delivered to the 8900 block of Gross Point Road in Skokie.

Peppers, of 10223 S. Morgan St. in Chicago, was scheduled to appear in court Jan. 18 on a felony forgery charge stemming from the incident.

Peppers used a credit card number to order food from Edwardo’s, totaling more than $51, police said. Providing the restaurant with the name of “John,” he first provided two credit card numbers and expiration dates that were denied. Peppers tried a third time with a new credit card number and expiration date, which the restaurant accepted.

Police said the order raised suspicions based on the two credit card denials and the address of the delivery, which had been used in the past for fraudulent transactions.

Two police officers placed an Edwardo’s sign on top of an unmarked vehicle and one wore an Edwardo’s jacket to make the delivery, police said. They entered a business where the order was supposedly made and was not able to find anyone with the name of “John.”

After leaving the building, Peppers appeared in a doorway and waived his arms, police said. He led undercover police into a hallway where he signed a receipt for the pizza when he was arrested.

Police said the credit card account used by Peppers belonged to a woman who had canceled her card two or three days ago because of fraudulent activity.

(The Sun-Times Media Wire contributed to this report.)

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