CHICAGO (CBS) — The Bears’ first playoff game is Sunday at soldier field. And while you might think tickets would be outrageously expensive, they’re not, CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker reports.

For instance, a seat 20 rows back cost $112 each, according to Stubhub. Spend a bit more — $257 each – and you’ll be in the second row of Section 341, around the 20-yard line. The best seats in the house — the first row of the lower level around the 20-yard line -– were going $600 each, parking included.

Managers at Gold Coast Tickets say things have been slow this week. Instead of buying, fans are selling.

Bob Hunt has two extra tickets to Sunday’s Bears game. He’s selling them because he can’t give them away.

“There’s not many people who want to go to this game. I’ve asked around and everybody’s kinda like ‘Eh,’” Hunt said. “Everybody’s pretty much assuming this is going to be an easy game for the Bears and (they’re) waiting for the packers to come to Soldier Field.”

If the Bears and Green Bay Packers win this weekend, they would play each other the following Sunday. Waiting for the match-up between the longtime rivals is just one reason some Chicago fans are bypassing this week’s tickets.

Tickets sellers think the weak economy may be another excuse. Meanwhile, the distance and weather is keeping Seattle fans at home.

“Those people don’t want to come to Chicago where it’s nice and cold,” Max Waisvisz of Gold Coast Tickets said.

Add up all the excuses and places Gold Coast have 300 ticket they’re trying to sell. Stubhub has 2,000. And the lowest price? About $100.

Some fans weren’t buying any of the excuses.

“I think we’re becoming a country of wusses,” said one man who purchased brokered tickets.

One more reason Bears tickets aren’t selling that well: Brokers say those who are buying tickets to sporting events are choosing the red-hot Bulls over the Bears. The Bulls play the Miami Heat on Saturday.

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