Some Want Quinn Recalled Over Income Tax Hike

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WBBM/CBS) — There are at least two campaigns to recall Gov. Pat Quinn over the personal and corporate income tax hikes.

As WBBM Newsradio 780’s Mike Krauser reports, computer technician Neil Wurzer, of Olympia Fields, is behind an online recall petition drive.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s Mike Krauser reports

He is upset with the governor for what he sees as a lack of leadership, and he is also upset with the Democrats for raising personal income taxes but making no sacrifices of their own.

“I have seen no sacrifice. None. I have seen no willingness to compromise. None,” Wurzer said.

Wurzer’s recall effort is symbolic.

“At this point it’s just purely meant as a statement. I do not want to put the state of Illinois through the embarrassment of recalling another governor. To me that is shameful,” Wurzer said. “But at the same time a point must be made. There has to be a line drawn in the sand.”

There is also another recall campaign that does seek the governor’s ouster. It is in the early stages of getting organized.

In November, Illinois voters approved a state constitutional amendment that gives the public limited power to recall unpopular governors. The amendment had 66 percent support with 94 percent of precincts reporting.

Voters are now legally able to hold special recall elections to boot governors out of office. However, the recall power doesn’t apply to any other public officials and it can only be used if enough state legislators agreed.

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  • mike

    Expect a Republican landslide next election.

    • Tracy

      Fat chance of that… the people of this state are apathetic at best. The reason the state is in this situation is because people don’t educate themselves and they don’t vote in elections to get these career politicians out – come on people Mike Madigan is still in power too after the mess he continues to make of this state. For people who feel their vote still doesn’t count….. you’re so wrong. I have to believe Brady would have been the lesser of the two evils.

      • Marco

        I disagree a lot of people didn’t want to vote for Quinn because he wasn’t the best choice, but they didn’t want to vote for Brady because they felt he was too conservative. During a news interview he stated that abortion, gay marriage and other issues wouldn’t impact the election. Apparently those issues did.

      • Kev

        I disagree a lot of people didn’t want to vote for Quinn because he wasn’t the best choice, but they didn’t want to vote for Brady because they felt he was too conservative. During a news interview he stated that abortion, gay marriage and other issues wouldn’t impact the election. Apparently those issues did.

    • Kev

      Not if they are as conservative as Brady was. That’s the only reason Quinn won because Illinois isn’t that conservative. However Quinn should be replaced, this tax increase is absurd

      • Tim

        the only reason Quinn won was because Chicago voters voted for him, the rest of the state voted for Brady… a very conservative government is what this state needs to make the spending cuts that are needed.

    • russ

      Where can I get petitions? I will go door to door myself to get rid of this lying Pat Quinn. Three months ago he said he would veto anything more than a 1 point increase in state income rates. Not only did he outright lie about that, he now supports a 4 point increaase in state taxes on corporations. This will kill jobs in Illinois.

  • Sean OHara

    Recall now…Mr Quinn you are taxing me out of my home.

  • scoperadio

    makes you miss Rob B huh?

  • Vince LiFonti

    Seriously? The guy ran on a platform of higher taxes. Why do they want him recallled? He didn’t lie or steal. He did exactly what he said he was going to do. You want to recall a guy for being honest just because you disagree with his choices. that’s what elections are for. I hate paying taxes as much as the next guy, but we haven’t had a state income tax rate increase in 21 years. Grow up, stop whining, and pay your taxes.

    • AnyBodyButRahm

      Get your facts straight before you lambaste others. Quinn did lie. You are right, he ran on raising taxes – he ran on raising them 1%. In October, just weeks before the election, when questioned about rumors of a steeper tax increase to come, he EMPHATICALLY VOWED TO VETO ANY TAX BILL THAT CAME TO HIM THAT INCREASED TAXES MORE THAN 1%. That was three months ago. Our fiscal house was burning then as it has been for 10 years. Quinn is a disgraceful filthy liar under the thumb of Madigan & Cullerton.

  • James Watkins

    YES, Gov Quinn clearly stated during the election the only way for ILL to get out of this long term mess of funding, borrowing, using pension funds was to raise taxes. As to cuts not being made, the state Medicaid program will have drastic cuts this year. Many non for profits will be closing there doors due to the state not fulfilling there funding obligations.
    Mr Wurzer should do some research before grandstanding for what ever his reasons are…

    • AnyBodyButRahm

      Jim, you and others have your facts wrong. Quinn ran on raising taxes 1% and vowing to veto anything greater than 1%. He made that solemn pledge to the voters just weeks before the election. He is a bold faced unapologetic liar.

    • JJ

      Spending has increased an average of over 6.5% per year for the last ten years. Inflation averaged only 2.4% per year. Even adjusted for population growth inflation adjusted spending has sky rocketed.

      Frankly, you need to do some research before slamming other people.

      Illinois ranks around 48th in job creation is this country this will only hurt that stellar statistic.

      The combined income tax and replacement tax will have Illinois Corporations paying 9.5%. Within the top 5 in the country. Another wonderful statistic for liberals like you.

    • James Watkins

      I agree with both of you, the mess in the state goes back to business as usual that has been going on since many of us were born. It is a responsibility of this generation to try and correct so many issues. We will lose businesses in ILL with the Corp tax increase, but others will replace them. I would guess there will tax exemptions worked out with some businesses as this is the way things work. Many non for profits will not be able to provide services to those that need it also. It is the worse financial time since the depression, hopefully the changes in policy, business as usual attitude will change and we leave things better for the next generation.

  • Tracy

    Folks I didn’t want to vote for Quinn or Brady.. .they were both poor choices in my opinion… my point is you need to vote for someone… you just can’t sit on the sidelines and expect things to improve when you don’t let your voice be heard. You make a decision based on our options for all positions.

  • 73444


  • Dan

    Why don”t they get ride of him and find somebody that is honest. They need to cut government vehicles, cell phones, wages over 100K and get ride of the boarder jumpers who don”t pay taxes in Illinois

  • FR

    Instead of increasing taxes, Illinois should fine companies that cheat Illinois consumers. KFC is the clearest example that comes to mind with with the web coupon that they then made people jump thru hoops to redeem. KFC’s parent, Yum, has a yearly profit of about 1 billion dollars. Illinois should fine them that much for such an egregious example of false advertising. Then go after any other companies that cheat consumers. Don’t raise taxes on all businesses, just the dishonest ones.

  • DN

    @ Vince. When citing that Quinn “ran his platform on higher taxes” you left out the part that during his campaign when Quinn said (and I quote…please look it up if you like):
    “I will veto any income-tax increase that raised the rate higher than 4 percent”.
    Although only a 1% lie.. a lie is a lie. Yes we need to get out of debt as a state but this was not the only way to do it. This is going to backfire as well. “Job losses from the tax rate increase could exceed 100,000. The increase will make the state one of the highest tax burdened states by capita”. So yeah haven’t had one in 21 years but in one signature he just made us Detroit. Gez, just wait until he signs the Internet Sales Tax law (to which Amazon already said they would not sell to IL customers if they do). See how this goes my friend… its a bigger picture than stopping whining and paying our taxes.

    Okay tough guy? Thanks have a great day.

  • Mr Voter

    Recall Quinn
    IL. Land of Corruption……….

  • brainfog

    Is there a way of finding out what companies will or have left Illinois because of this?

  • Patrick Mauro

    Without the income tax increase, IL would default on its debt.
    Spending will be curtailed because there is a 2% cap on spending.
    Medicaid and pensions will absorb the 2% increase, therefore cuts in other spending are looming.

    The free lunch is over.

  • Ed

    Next time a charity asks for a donation, just give them a card with ,” Illinois Democrats took my money, none left for you”, printed on it.
    Is Illinois the next Michigan, with Chicago the next Detroit?

    • Vicky


  • Anthony Steven Warnelis

    Why Quinn? I assure it, it was Mike Madigan who got this deal done, not Quinn. Had Madigan’s district stopped voting for this guy DECADES ago, we likely would not be in this mess right now.

    FOR ONE YEAR NO INDIVIDUAL TAXPAYER IS OUT ANY MONEY ANYWAY! What Washington gave back in the one-year roll-back on the employee portions of social security, Illinois is simply claiming it. The problem is what happens in 2012 and beyond. Then you’ll REALLY have something to complain about when the social security rate goes back up.

    Besides. New legislature now can still work to overturn it. Our problems in Illinois are our House and Senate legislators, NOT the Governor!

  • Jack

    I will support and work for the recall of Gov. Quinn and any other lawmakers who have voted for this latest insult to Illinois taxpayers. These political money grabbers need to feel some of the financial pain that ‘we’, the middle class taxpayer, has felt for years. Put 10% of all politicians on a salary equal to unemployment and give the others a 50% pay cut with NO expense account and NO pension!
    It’s time for a voters revolt…Quinn, Madigan and all their flunkies have to go!

  • Neil A. Wurzer
  • Neil A. Wurzer

    Here is where I got the idea for recall:

    Neil A. Wurzer

  • Katie B

    Where is the information to help support the recall. Is there a petition??? Lack of good reporting leaving out such information!

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