Walter: Padded Payrolls All Too Common

CHICAGO (CBS) — I say thank you, Pam Zekman, for telling us what we need to know about how the taxes we pay are being spent by the politicians we elect -– like $57,000 a year on a personal maid, and $94,000 on a chauffeur.

It’s how things are done in Chicago and Cook County, not only by Cook County Treasurer Maria Pappas but by big shots all over government, treating themselves to a maid or a chauffeur on the payroll disguised as a technician or inspector, or a personal shopper on the payroll disguised as a city or county engineer.  

Padding the payroll is easy because the big shot’s the boss, so nobody talks, which means we don’t know who’s doing what for how much of our taxes. The bosses are keeping it secret, and it’s not likely they’ll ever explain the payroll. So, it’s up to the Better Government Association and Pam Zekman to explain it.

They have caught the county treasurer padding-the-payroll and are now looking for others, so that maybe someday government will lower our taxes — or at least stop raising them.

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  • Crabee2

    Pam keep up the good work. About going to Springfield next.. Also please tell Govenor Quinn that ACCOUNABILTY is also MANDATED BY TAXPAYERS>>

  • Ileen

    I am an unemployed homeowner paying property taxes. I would like to apply for the technical position the chauffeur has. I have 25 years of IT expertise. I will send my resume to Ms. Pappas. She was sitting in a meeting with Cook County Board president last week lying.

  • joe

    We the people need to stop this tax abuse in Illinois, Right Away!!!
    There are just too many crooks running our government Today!

  • Lousy Theives!!!!

    Pappas needs to resign and lose her pension!!!! The tax payers need to keep the pressure on the investigators to continue to uncover these filthy politicians and their corruption!!!!

  • mark

    If I did what these politicians did, I’d be sitting in prison!

    • Phillip Inuhoff

      if you live in Illinois, you already are sitting in prison.

  • Centurion

    i want a County or State job.

    • Bev

      I have a state job, and I doubt that you would want it!

  • Jose

    Have they no shame? Have they no decency? Have they no compassion? ” Ask not what your country can do for you….?” Just some powerful questions that come to mind.

  • Karen

    The thing that is particularly upsetting is the way Pappas reacted to the questions about her employees and the ridiculous pay they receive for the jobs they do. “It’s my office and I can do what I want.” There should be a system in place so voters could more easily recall a politician who blatantly betrays the publics’ trust. The phrase ‘honest politician’ is indeed an oxymoron.

  • timeforchanges

    Thank you, Karen, I agree… I thought Pappas was a bit rude. Her attitude appears to be she can do whatever she wants. She needs to be voted out next county election. What a costly joke to all taxpayers.

  • Sal

    She just committed political suicide..bye bye Maria!!!!!…hows that for having a tude about the whole thing!

  • jc

    I wanted to alert you that Maria Pappas is having the sheriff’s office intimidate persons who have identified themselves in comments posted to the CBS 2 web site in response to your stories about corruption in the office of Maria Pappas. This morning, sheriff’s investigators went to the home of someone who identified himself and made comments on your web site. None of his comments could remotely be interpreted as threatening or harassing. The sheriff’s investigator told the man’s wife that they had to speak to “a whole list of people” who they believe posted comments on your web site in response to the Pappas stories. This is pure and unadulterated intimidation by Pappas to put fear into people who have dared to publicly challenge her.

    This is a very serious abuse of power, and Pappas is doing nothing but attempting to intimidate persons under the guise that these persons pose a security risk. She is simply trying to justify the need for a $94,000 a year driver, who presumably protects her from attacks during her yoga sessions. This type of police state, where uniformed, badge-wielding officers show up to one’s door to ask about non-threatening political comments is pure intimidation, nothing less. These are the type of actions one would expect by a totalitarian regime in Russia or China, not the United States. Shame on Sheriff Dart for aiding Maria Pappas is this charade.

    • Phillip Inuhoff

      LMAO at you drooling morons in Illinois! Way to go! You deserve every jack booted beat down, caviar gulping civil servant, and tax increase you get! Voting should be a crime in your state!!!


  • sam

    CBS is very lucky to have some one like you walter to talk about any thing and evry thing and how our tax money and our kids saving is going to bad pepole like papass and she care less about our money she spend into her fulish story so plz walter dont give up and speak for us and dont let this lady go a way with it and any one else who is playing bad game with our tax money

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