Activist Slams Emanuel Over Immigration Reform

CHICAGO (WBBM) — The City Council is asking President Obama to declare a moratorium on deportations of undocumented aliens who are married to U.S. citizens.

As WBBM Newsradio 780 Political Editor Craig Dellimore reports, one activist is also taking aim at the President’s former chief of staff, mayoral candidate Rahm Emanuel.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780 Political Editor Craig Dellimore reports

Several Latino aldermen and others say it is unfair to split up families when one spouse is a U.S. citizen, and the other was brought to the country illegally at an early age.

They want the deportation of such immigrants stopped, and community activist Emma Lozano wants Emanuel defeated in the mayoral race for allegedly thwarting immigration reform.

“He was recommending to the president not to move on this issue, and that was the issue President Obama promised us,” Lozano said. “He said that we would not even attempt to look at this issue until the second term of a Democratic president.”

An Emanuel campaign spokesman suggests Lozano is looking for a scapegoat, and says Emanuel has the same record on immigration reform as U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.), a well-known champion of national immigration reform.

  • Laura

    CHICAGOANS! Look beyond race and money to elect your mayor. DO NOT VOTE FOR EMANUEL!! He is a crook (ala Tony Rezko) and will bury Chicago in further debt, then pass the costs on to you!

  • retiredinAz1

    Give me a break! If an individual is an illegal….what gives anyone the right to want or believe this person should be granted immunity and become a citizen free of charge…free of going through the process? If a person wants to become a citizen…he/she will do so. If not, do not expect that it will be given to you on a platter. we need to move away from this “give me, give me, give me…it’s my right” philosophy! IT IS NOT YOUR RIGHT! YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS IF YOU ARE NOT A LEGAL CITIZEN”!

  • Ben Stein

    Rahm’s father, Benjamin, was a member of the Irgun, the Zionist terrorist organization. Rahm was an Israeli citizen until he was 18 years old. In 1991, he reportedly joined the Israeli Army to defend Zion from Saddam’s Scuds.

    Today, the sons and daughters of Irgun run Israel.

  • Philip J. Wayne


  • FB

    I think that when we hear all these people wanting the US to allow people specically those who cross over from Mexico to somehow not have to go through the normal course required to become a legal citizen is acting as though we or they should ignore the sovereignty of our country. We can’t have adhoc compliance and only comply with laws that benefit a certain group or position. If activist like Ms. Lozano and others would put as much energy in getting their business and political leaders south of the border to provide real opportunity to the vast majority of their citizenry then we wouldn’t have nearly the problems we are facing on our southern border. Go down to Mexico with the same amount of ferver that you are engaging in trying and espousing the breaking of US laws and admonish President Calderon to provide jobs and I’m convinced that those illegal individuals would not be quite as adament about coming here. It’s about economics and they need to tell the leaders of Mexico to provide opportunities their and stop expecting the US to subsidize their poor…

  • Carlos De La Pena

    Is it so hard to see the big picture? So many simple solutions to a very complex issue… I find it interesting, that a large number of individuals comment on these boards without doing some simple research on the subject of immigration. Like for instance, “FB” stated that “much energy in getting their business and political leaders south of the border to provide real…” If this person had done some research on the subject he would have found that it is not only a Mexico problem but also of the entire continent of South America. FB truly believes that even here in Chicago we’ve done a great job of allocating “real opportunity” to the vast majority of the public and provided enough descent paying jobs? We live in Chicago, a city just as politically corrupt as any other nation to the south. (think about who receives 90% of city contracts) I recommend you research who the majority these “their business leaders” are? Who benefited from NAFTA? You’d be surprise to see how many U.S. companies are established south of the border, but provide the low bottom day wages. How can one provide for his or her family making $4.00 a day?

    I hope for the day that Our Great Nation once again stands United!!! I pray for the day we are brave enough to question the patriotism of those Americans who lack compassion for the human suffering of others, especially for the families that are being torn apart! I think back to period not to long ago when we as a Nation mourned and then stood together to overcome our terrible grief. I watched as many American Latino families proudly sent their Sons and Daughters to war to defend us. With this great bravery displayed gave way to healing of our Nation’s sorrows. Many died for this Nation, and it saddens me when parents of these soldier’s who gave the greatest sacrifice possible to his nation are being deported.

    What happen to our Nations solidarity of 2002? What happen to those caring American souls who displayed the yellow ribbons? In less then ten years many of us forget that many of these same families lost children in the war and now we dishonor them by kicking their parents out of the country. We should be ashamed as a nation for not coming up with a solution for the “migrant workers” who break their back for this country and do not complain. We should be ashamed that our neighbor to the north, Canada already has a great workers program in place for Mexican citizens. Why can’t our country follow suit?

  • FB

    The bottom Line Mr. De La Pena is following the laws of the land. If a person breaks the law you can’t go back and say that this is a good person and he/she shouldn’t be deported or locked up. If you come from another country and you don’t follow the normal procedures that allows you to become a US citizen you have to know that there will be consequences. What a lot of people tend to do is to use a persons good deeds as a way to substantiate them being here illegally. Euphimisms are a plenty and saying we are breaking up a family well you have to realize that if a man or woman does something illegal they can be subjected to consequences of that crime. Stop using breaking up families as a euphimism to break the law or ignore the law… I hear people say its the American Dream and I believe poor countries need to start creating opportunities in their countries that motivates their citizens to stay home to acheive a better life… One things, America is the only country that allows citizenship to someone regardless if their parents are citizens or not and people purposely come here to have children so they can use that excuse to stay as well (illegally). In Mexico if you cross the border from Honduras they (Mexican Border Guards) shoot and ask questions later. I think that the Mexican activist here are very hypocritical when they advocate adhoc following of our immigration laws. We have to secure our border and on the NAFTA thing I lived in San Diego and mexico was in worst shape financially before NAFTA and to use that is another Euphimism… I am African American and so I certainly want people of color to experience the American Dream, but you can’t break the laws or use obfuscation as a way to substantiate bad behavior…

  • Juan Mellot

    I would more or less agree with this sentiment. But I would also say that the government needs to deport more flagrant illegal immigrants, and needs to encourage local law enforcement to get involved enforcing federal law. This is how it works in every other case. I’m a proud holder of an eb-5 green card and this is how I feel.

  • cristopher rivera

    If you are from Mexico, Ireland, Philippines, etc, etc,, I dont know what kind of law you will follow, just to get here in America. The reality of this, is that there’s no easy and practical avenue for all this people to migrate here in America.

  • Hymie

    Americans are having the wrong discussion on immigration. From Kennewick Man, Montezuma, Peron, Pocahontas, Chavez, Eric the Red, and on down the list, it is a wonderful history which should be celebrated. What needs to happen is the revocation of Jackson-Vanik and expulsion of Eastern European Jews for starters.

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