It’s been a long week of analysis of matchups, players, schemes and even player personalities. But that goes out the window when the Chicago Bears and Seattle Seahawks take the field.

While the Seahawks are widely considered the worst team in NFL history to make the playoffs, they were able to knock off the defending Super Bowl champions last week. That alone has some people looking for a reason why the Bears might lose.

“You have all the people who wish they had been quote, smart enough, to see the upset of the Saints coming, you know,” Bears analyst Hub Arkush said on the Danny Mac Show. “And nobody wants to miss a second one. That doesn’t change the reality that it’s highly unlikely to happen.”

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The fact that an upset is unlikely doesn’t mean that the Bears will blowout the Seahawks. They’ve already lost to them once this season, and could potentially be rusty coming off of their bye week.

“I suspect that this isn’t going to go the way a lot of Bears fans want it to,” Arkush said. “I think the Bears are a good team, I don’t think they’re a great team. I think there are small ways they can be attacked. I think Seattle knows it, they’ve done it before.”

They’ve done it before, yes. But the Bears are a much improved team offensively and the defense had one of their worst games of the season when they played the Seahawks in week six.

“I think the Bears are going to win the game because they’re the better team,” Arkush said. “But I think 10-points is too many. I think this game has backdoor cover written all over it. I think it’s going to be, quite frankly, a little sloppy at times. And I think Jay Cutler is going to be on his back a few times. And I think that could cause a mistake or two.

“But in the end I just believe the better team is going to win.”

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