Emanuel, Chico Skip Mayoral Candidate Forum

Braun, Walls Spar Over Ethics, Ties To Harold Washington

CHICAGO (CBS) — When Rahm Emanuel and Gery Chico took a pass on a mayoral forum Saturday at a Chatham church, fellow candidates Carol Moseley Braun and Miguel del Valle took notice.

Moseley Braun alluded several times during the 90-minute forum to the empty chairs set aside for Emanuel and Chico at the Carter Temple CME Church, 7841 S. Wabash Av., then said at the end that it’s everyone else versus the Big Two in the contest for mayor.

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“It’s called a Machine,” Moseley-Braun said, noting that Emanuel has raised at least $18 million for his bid and that Chico is not far behind in terms of fund-raising. “It’s very important that they be held to account for the fact that they are not here.”

“This is an opportunity of a lifetime, and let’s take full advantage of it,” del Valle said. “My hope and my desire is that between all of us, we will be able to force a runoff. We cannot let this election be decided by the millions of dollars that are going to be spent to get somebody elected February 22.”

But Emanuel said he was busy meeting with shoppers at a Target store on the South Side and discussing the concerns of African-American ministers at a West Loop restaurant.

“My view is that it’s not a question of forums, it’s a question of what format,” Emanuel said, referring to his meeting with shoppers as a “Target Town Hall.”

Besides, he said, all four appeared jointly before the Tribune’s editorial board just 24 hours earlier.

And even though Braun, del Valle and candidates William “Dock” Walls and Patricia Van Pelt-Watkins agreed more than they disagreed on issues such as education, corruption in government, crime, the inadvisability of seeking assistance from the National Guard to fight crime and even the right to possess guns in Chicago homes and businesses, that did not mean there was no bad blood among them.

Braun and Walls became increasingly testy with one another, and it turned into a shouting match as the forum concluded.

“You got run out of town. You got run out of office for a lack of integrity. Integrity matters. Integrity is a absolute commitment to truth, veracity and fair play,” Walls said. “Your track record stands on its own. If you want to talk about integrity, don’t use yourself as a model.”

Braun took the bait, demanding the microphone one more time “as a point of personal privilege,” even though she had already given her closing statement.

“Shame on you, Dock Walls,” said Moseley-Braun, who said various ethics accusations made against her during her tenure in the Senate were a “smear” and disproved, and said that when she sought re-election to the U.S. Senate, she carried every ward in the city of Chicago.

“I was around when Harold Washington was mayor and I was his floor leader,” Braun said, referring to her time in the legislature. “I was his spokesman. And all I remember you doing is holding the door for him.”

Walls said he did much more, including forging relationships with aldermen for the newly-elected Washington administration and helping Washington reorganize city departments.

“We can take the high road or we can take the low road and you cannot survive if we take the low road in this campaign,” Walls told Braun. “Get your facts together and know what you’re talking about.”

  • A.knight

    To all the Mayoral candidates, Where were you while this city was in the clutches of Richard “My way or hit the Bricks” Daley. Daley and the Machine has left More vacant lots in this city than the depression of ’29. The only candidate to actually say what he plan to do and has fought for us against Daley in the past is William “Dock” Walls.If I’m not mistaken wasn’t he in the race long before the King Daley amist sliding public approval rating announce he wasn’t going to run for another term as Mayor. Once he said he wasn’t running , it was light someone turned off the lights and all the “critters of darkness” came out nad said “vote for me” If you’re character or spine is that of a jellyfish then SHAME ON YOU.

  • WILL Crosby

    Well Carol stuck her foot in her mouth when you start throwing stones and the someone (William Dock Walls III) she shouldn’t cry foul she started it and William Walls finish it Walls 1 Moseley-Braun 0 check

  • Neicey

    Carol Moseley Braun is sharp tounged and agnry. She should get out of the race before she ruins this city’s hope of electing a real mayor.

  • Nativeson

    Dock it is obvious that you realize your campaign is in a tailspin and that you’re in attack mode. When will become obvious to you that you cannot win high elected office in Chicago/Illinois without serious $$$ and a sizable voting base, it’s not personal brother, unfortunately it’s not going to happen for you this time either.

  • fetup

    Dock Walls has a MUCH better chance than Carol and Patricia Whatshername. Both of their plans for the city of Chicago PALE in comparison. See for yourself at http://www.wallsformayor.com

  • willie

    Blacks fighting each other and everyone putting down Carol. I’m going to vote for her because her resume speak for itself. Let Rahm in and black folks ain’t got nothing coming. No wonder the smart people left Chicago!

    • jackie

      Re: Ain’t got nothin coming????? Do you deserve anything, or is it expected that things should be put on a silver platter and handed to you. I have earned everything that I have despite the struggles and hurdles. I am to believe from reading your post that you are expecting something if Ms. Carol wins. Hate to break it to you buddy, but she is like the rest of them. At the end of the day she is a POLITICIAN, and all they see is green.

      • mareo

        Walls is the only candidate to run against Daley before he start to fall off. Devalle is another good guy too. Mosley is always throwing blows in most of these forums. King died so that people can be judged on character and content. A consensus black candidate is divisive and racist. I’m black. Choose the most qualified candidate not the blackest, whitest, most hispanic.

  • willie

    Jackie you obviously need to crawl back under your rock and never stick that head out again.

  • ron

    Willie, you sound like another ignorant, old and bitter black man. Wake up, we’re not in the 60s, 70s or 80s anymore so quit blaming everyone else for black pleople’s failures and problems. I’m sure the only thing that qualifies Braun in your eyes is the color of her skin and as a young black man, I think you’re pathetic. Btw, smart people have not left Chicago, only the ignorant and uncivilized blacks who can’t seem to stop killing each other have left and are continuing to leave (see the latest census estimates).. Now, crawl back under your bitter rock, collect your food stamps and STFU.

  • JohnnyZ

    To Ron…You are right on regarding Willie. I have stayed here al my life, put myself throug college by working as I have no dad and my mom is an alcoholic. Way to go brother. Stay up!

  • NoWallsforMayor

    William Walls will not make a good mayor for the City of Chicago. He will only be a candidate and not a worth one at that. He feels that because he worked under Harold Washington it makes him a worthy candidate, Timmy Evens felt the same then he decided to move ahead. Mr. Walls is just moving on, from one campaign to the next. Four years ago Walls ran on the platform “No Olympics in Chicago,” were his campaign was soundly trounced by Daley. Now that Daley is retiring from office Walls feels he finally may have a chance. Sorry Walls, but only the best candidate can be mayor and, this mayoral race is Rahm and a bunch of all-so-ran.

  • Maggie

    Chico is the best candidate and will make the best mayor. He is Chicago. He really wants all of Chicago to move ahead economically along with education and civility. He has true concern and compassion for all the people in Chicago, not just the North side and the rich. He does not make false promises to the rich and powerful and he does not drum up and change his ads “factual” numbers around. Wake up people. Chico is the best candidate. Not outsider Rahm who grew up in the rich suburbs and wants to buy Chicago with Hollywood money. Hollywood is a dump. Chico is and always has been a hard working Chicagoan. He’s done the commute. He knows all of Chicago. He will bring more people into the decision making process and not ramrod things through. He deserves the job advancement to Mayor. Rahm hasn’t earned it. He’s attempting buy it.

    • mareo

      My question is, “Why Chico didn’t run against Daley for Mayor? The people that didn’t run against Daley are the ones he has in his pocket.

  • Greg

    Dock “Walls” the real talk express is out of the gate don’t stop now Walls for Mayor!!!

  • james

    This is a wonderful, you know you have really arrived when someone devotes their entire screen name to trying to discredit your campaign, NoWallsForMayor, you sound like you hear the footsteps and you are quite scared !! It makes sense though, William Walls has by far, the best agenda for this city, from Nanotechnology, an educational model for education, an innovative way to save the city from this parking meter fiasco, detailed and proven method to strengthen public safety and police & citizen relations and the list goes on.

    Anyone who pys attention to politics knows that William Walls stands out in any policy debate & I imagine that is why the Machine, of which Carol Braun is a card carrying, Daley cookie baking MEMBER, has gone to such extremes to blackball him.

    See for yourself !!!

  • MayorsOfficeWithNoWalls

    The best candidate for mayors is not William “Dock” Walls. Chicago is too large of a city, with a very large budget. William Walls and his campaign cronies can’t wait to get their hands on it. This city deserves a mayor with a proven track record and person is not William “Dock” Walls.
    Carol Moseley Braun Now!

  • CarolKnockingDownWallsToMayorsOffice

    Carol’s connections are citywide, countywide, statewide, nationwide and, global.
    Carol Moseley Braun Now!

  • james

    Just one (1), please would just one of the silly “iHateWalls” posters please, speak on one issue that seperates your Candidate from Machine Chico & Machine Rahm…… just one. We know Carol is Undercover, we know Carols so called experience adds up to

    Passing 2 bills into law in SIX years in the Senate Govtrack.com, called her a “FOLLOWER”

    1 productive bill while in the state government. Thank u Carol for that ONE

    An Ambassador, definition, gift job for political loyalists. Fly out the country, take pictures and deliver and receve paperwork.

    Mike Noonan, Madigan MACHINE big wig
    Victor Reyes the leader of the illegal MACHINE organization HDO

    How can you support this with a clear conscience ???
    So keep making cute Wallsdown names, while helping Carol hand this race to her MACHINE COLLEAGUES !!!!

  • Greg

    Let’s see who can argue with this one NAFTA sucking sound of JOBS leav
    ing the country that I thought we all loved our country. Carol Rahm and Chico when courage is not enough that’s the title of his book by the next Mayor of Chicago by william” Dock” Walls

  • WILL Crosby

    Well you can say what you want but what you cant do is change the facts that when it comes to Integrity William Dock Walls stands out above Carol Moseley Braun And Checking the Polls by The Chicago Defender here there results today.
    Who gets your vote for Chicago mayor? You already voted on this survey!

    Carol Moseley Braun

    Patricia Van Pelt Watkins

    William “Dock” Walls


  • WILL Crosby

    A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus.
    Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • chris bennett

    Why would Carol throw punches at William Dock Walls in the first place? I mean she’s already reconized among the top four candidates. What purpose did it serve to take shots at Mr. Walls when he’s being ignored by the media? Though he has an excellent agenda for the city, he he’s looking ahead for the future of Chicago but he only invited to a small community of forums and debates. If I didn’t know any better I would assume that this is based on Fear…And Carol has allowed her fear to show. Her heated discussions should have been displayed towards Rahm Chico and De Valle..Why focus on Walls? I don’t like way it was handled, but Walls had no choice but to throw shots back at her, and he was quite effective..Don’t think Carol was ready for that

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