Immigrant Rights Group Wants Probe Of Deportation Program

CHICAGO (CBS) — The Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights is asking the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to investigate its own Secure Communities program for deporting illegal aliens after encounters with local police.

John Hoyt, Executive Director of the Coalition, says the deportation program has been cooking its books to justify its mission. Federal immigration authorities say they’re just improving the accuracy of their data.

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Hoyt says original Homeland Security numbers showed that 78% of all those stopped by local police and handed over to feds for deportation were non-criminals — had no prior criminal record.

But Hoyt says when asked about those numbers, Homeland Security revised its figures to show that only 44% were non-criminal.

Hoyt says either way, it still looks bad and should be investigated by the Inspector General of the Homeland Security Department.

Meantime, mayoral candidate Rahm Emanuel’s suggestion to provide a local DREAM Act scholarship for children of undocumented immigrants in Chicago was drawing fire from his rivals and Hispanic leaders as too little, too late.

U.S. Rep. Luis Guiterrez said the scholarship idea is fine with him, but claimed Emanuel should have done more to prevent deportations in the first place while he was White House chief of staff and, before that, one of the top Democrats in the House of Representatives.

Mayoral candidate Carol Moseley Braun said Chicago should be doing more to aid children of undocumented immigrants.

“When you talk about the DREAM Act and when you talk about the fate of children who are separated from their parents, I have to reflect back on the fact that this belies and this stands in stark contracts to the higher traditions of Americans,” Braun said.

And mayoral rival Gery Chico blasted the Secure Communities program – an Obama administration initiative begun while Emanuel was White House chief of staff. The deportation program is designed to remove dangerous criminals from the country, but critics said many people who have been targeted by the program are simply motorists stopped for traffic violations.

  • Captain America

    ….what part of ILLEGAL ( crimmal) don’t they understand, your a law braker, we are a nation of laws……go home, your not wanted here no matter were you came from!

  • bobhaaga

    If you don’t like it go the FRICK Home, If you are here ileagaly you ARE a criminal period end of story.

  • Skorps

    This state is headed for infamy. Time to get out. It’s absolutely mind-blowing.

  • Daddy didn't Freedom Fight For Deadbeats

    Illegal= criminal, what part don’t you understand? I am tired your kids defacing our property, telling me our street is theirs. When Our National Anthem is played,learn it in ENGLISH. Better still don’t come here without knowing English!
    And don’t tell us how great your home land is, because we will tell you to get your ass back there, then!

    • Roberta Waker

      Right on. We need to elect people who are AGAINST ILLEGAL immigration and deport these criminals. They are bringing gangs, drug lords, rapists and murderers into our country and draining us dry with taxes. SEND THEM HOME or we will SEND YOU packing. The ACLU needs to work for the AMERICAN people, not ILLEGALS who have no rights under OUR Constitution. Maybe we should sue the Federal and State governments for NOT doing their jobs. We need to stick together America or it won’t be our country for long.

  • Unlovable

    For shame. Such vitriol and hatred.

    • Roberta Waker

      We don’t hate these people, we are just very tired of supporting them with our tax dollars. When we need help there is nowhere to turn; when ILLEGALS need help they have the governments and ACLU to give these criminals free medical, education, housing, food; things LEGAL Americans can’t get or afford. Let them come here LEGALLY; it isn’t hard; come here LEGALLY, learn ENGLISH, get a job and pay taxes. Why can’t they do that? Our ancestors abided by these rules and built a great country. These people are criminals who are destroying our country.

  • WhatLaws

    100% of those who have crossed our borders without first obtaining either a non-immigrant or an immigrant visa, are criminals period, end of story.

    • Roberta Waker

      Now all you have to do is convince the right people of this fact. These ILLEGALS are bringing drugs, sickness, murderers, rapists, and other criminals into this country – we need to SEND THEM HOME.

  • magyart

    Visit the NumbersUSA and ALIPAC websites and help fight illegal immigration.

  • steve

    this country is not white people owner/ owner of this country is original indians every body out is immigrants(all other race around the world are immigrants ok look how black peoples coming to usa they coming in cages)

  • walman

    i wont see social security. i cant get unemployment. but when i went to a mostly white area unemployment office, i was the only white peson there. the rest were mexican. actually how they get around itis they get a tax id number that the irs gives them to file taxes. you dont need a social security number to get unemployment or public aid. welcome to the american way you liberal aholes who have those 100k a year jobs. oh, i forgot. to put it in illegal alien terms, 100,000 dollars a year. go home.

  • Roberta Waker

    The headline of this story should read ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT GROUPS. They are ALL about ILLEGALS, who are bankrupting this state and this country with their free medical, free education, free housing, free food, free schools, etc. that WE, the American taxpayer are being taxed to death to support. Come here LEGALLY, learn ENGLISH, get a job and pay taxes. THAT’S THE AMERICAN WAY to citizenship. If I went into your country ILLEGALLY I would be shot or jailed and that’s exactly how you should be treated here. ILLEGAL is ILLEGAL. PERIOD. Are you listening Mr. Obama and Congress???

  • Roberta Waker

    Too bad we can’t get Congress and the President to realize we are tired of paying to support these criminals and deadbeats. We need to elect people that WILL support and enforce our immigration laws; but very few will step forward and take a stand on this issue.

  • Bill

    Can I go to mexico and get free food,medical care,housing,a cash only job and have babies there and get automatic citizenship???

  • Larue

    we need to vote out of office all the criminals who support illegal immigrants just so they can get votes.

  • BARF

    and if they are driving and have a license then they have commited a felony by using a false social security number. my old neighborhood on the northwest side used to be clean and safe, now its all mexican thugs, and boarded up store fronts. at some point this issue will be taken to the streets.

    viva sb1070

  • Joe

    Heres the oxy moron of all this. Hire an illegal immigrant day laborer, can’t make them an employee since they have no papers right. Pay them for the day, or 2 or 6 whatever, right. Well if they worked over 40 hours they can take YOU to FEDERAL court and sue you for violating labor laws.

    How the hell can the federal government allow an illegal alien to sue you for violating labor laws when they don’t allow you to legally hire them in the 1st place. True story, know someone that got sued fo $60,000 in unpaid overtime.

  • Paul

    You are all racists. Pure and simple.

  • Paul

    It is interesting that when someone calls out the underlying issue at hand – racism, pure and simple, that person’s comments get removed.

    • redbird

      how come your comment calling us all racists is still here but my comment about Enforcing 0ur Laws is gone ??? Seems someone doesn’t like playing by the rules !!!

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