Bills Going Up For AT&T Landline Customers

CHICAGO (WBBM) — Not only are you paying more for Chicago parking payboxes and state income taxes, but now, your phone bill is also going up if you have an AT&T landline in your home.

As WBBM Newsradio 780’s Regine Schlesinger reports, the phone bill increase comes with the turn of the new year.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s Regine Schlesinger reports

The Citizens Utility Board says AT&T is raising the line charge, the basic monthly fee that customers pay for home phone service. Depending on where you live, the charge has gone up anywhere from 27 to 63 percent.

CUB’s Jim Chilsen says there are alternatives.

“There’s no reason you should overpay for such a vital service,” Chilsen said. “There are ways to avoid becoming the phone industry’s ATM machine.”
CUB says under its Consumer Choice porgram, it assesses consumers’ phone needs and comes up with cheaper alternatives. It says since 2006, it’s been saving phone customers an average of $200 a year.

For more on the Citizens Utility Board, click here.

  • unknown

    that’s why i stick with my magicjack.

  • alexander bell

    If you got a cell you can add a additional lines for $9.99 and eliminate the need for a land line altogether or bundle your phone in your cable which can lower the cost.

  • Truckerman45


  • Analyze this

    @Alexander Graham Bell… So I suppose you carry your cell phone all over the house or you bought cell phones to place in several rooms? In case of an emergency in your home, can the police or fire department identify where you are calling from, if you call from a cell phone. The cable bundle makes more sense. If you lose or damage you cell phone you have no phone for a day or two.

    • Adam

      Advance 911 know can locate cell phone locations.

  • Carol

    Many of us who are part of the older generation, do not want a cell phone that reliies on batteries which have to be continuously monitored and recharged. Not to mention the signal problems that still plague cell phones. My daughter calls and I spend half the time saying are you still there, hello, hello, are you still there? Those problems don’t exist on land lines. But of course AT&T isn’t raking in enough profits from land lines, so they are trying to force us to change.

  • Land Line Obsolete

    @ Analyze this…..Um, yes, folks do carry their cell phones all over the house with them. I put my in a case that attaches to my belt in the morning, and it stays there all day long, even after I get home. In regards to 911, yes, they can tell where you are calling from. I’ve called 911 several times on my phone, and had no problem getting authorities to my location. I haven’t had a land line in over 2 years. @ Carol, your daughter most likely has a bad service provider, because I can be literally out in the middle of nowhere and get a good signal. Land lines are a thing of the past.

  • Lacey Marks

    Land lines may at some future date become obsolete, but they are far from obsolete at the moment. Insofar as hooking my phone to my belt and walking around with it all day long, I can’t think of anything more irritating than carrying around a stupid piece of plastic that constantly beeps or buzzes at me. And I don’t know anyone who does not complain about poor reception on their cell phone at least some of the time. Really, you can stand in the middle of the Gobi desert or the Grand Canyon and get perfect reception all the time? Yeah, right.

  • FR

    I had a Sprint phone that often had bad signal. My Verizon phone has good signal.

  • Land Line Obsolete

    @ Lacey Marks – Typical, using an extreme situation like “standing in the middle of the Gobi desert or the Grand Canyon” because you can’t argue sensibly. I didn’t say perfect reception, but I get enough to carry on a conversation without having to justify the cost of a land line. If you can’t stand having a piece of plastic hanging on your hip all day long, then you must be easily bothered by things. If you don’t want it to go off, or are in a situation in which it is inappropriate, then you turn it off. Simple to do, just push the off button, and let calls go to voicemail. Much like you would when your land line would ring all day, you let it go to voice mail. That’s o.k. though, continue to pay more for obsolete technology. AT&T just loves people who hold on to their land lines, because they’ll just pay more for it.

  • Zach

    We took our home phone bill from about $40 a month to $14, including all taxes. CUB is the real deal.

  • Leo Luke

    That is the trend, fewer people use landline and more people use wireless. ATT land line is not only increasing the monthly rate, but also other fees, taxes, surcharges… So are other landline providers. I think wireless is prettey good an alternative. I use Platinumtel prepaid wireless Real Paygo plan(5cents a minute, 2cents a sms, 10cents 1Mb data), which is even better than postpaid contracted wireless. I am a light phone user, and more internet usage. I have more emails than calls. So Platinumtel prepaid saves me tens of bucks every month, you can go take a look if it is good to you too

  • Foreverluvny

    Who uses Landline phones anymore?? lol
    I thought just about everyone had wireless plans
    if you don’t heres one to consider

    Platinumtel prepaid wireless Real Paygo plan(5cents a minute, 2cents a sms, 10cents 1Mb data)

    They have other plans as well, go check them out!!

  • Alex Roark

    Although a lot of people still have a landline, I know a lot of people that rely solely on a cell phone.

    It’s no secret that the trend of people ditching their landline for a mobile phone is one that’s been growing for many years. I think that trend will only continue to gain speed with the price of landlines increasing and that of cell phones declining. When I think of a wireless provider that offers very cheap rates and incredible deals to match, one in particular comes to mind. PlatinumTel.

    The company offers prepaid, or pay-as-you-go, service for, what I consider to be, dirt-cheap. That plan, named “Real Paygo”, consists of rates of just $0.05/minute, $0.02/text, and $0.10/megabyte of data. On top of that, from time to time, they’ll have unbelievable specials on some of their highest-end phones. And even without those deals, their selection of phones is priced very reasonably.

    I’ve done my research and I haven’t discovered any other wireless provider to beat the offerings of PlatinumTel. :)

  • Robert Doucette

    Why use A lane line???? I use PlatinumTel’s Real Paygo Plan, They work great and they dont cost much, I pay just $0.05 A min no matter how many mins I use, And I have never missed a Call….

  • Tina Marie

    Landline phone? I didn’t even realize they were still used.. I have Platinumtel and there simply the best! There cheaper than a landline phone, and you can take it anywhere, and have it with you 24 hrs a day!

  • Steven Durr

    I’m past ready to ditch my landline….I bought a prepaid cell phone and 2000 minutes for less than a hundred bucks for the year! PlatinumTel is the only way to go! $0.05 a minute $0.02 a text, it’s the only cell company that rounds down to the minute for calls! PlatinumTel’s Real Paygo Plan is a great alternative to any landline phone.

  • Hirrick

    I have officially ditched my landline. Why, because the fact of the matter is that i spend more time out of my home, than in, and more people can reach my on my mobile. And alternative to a landline is a pay-as-you-go wireless phone where you only pay for what you use, when you use it. PlatinumTel Wireless has a rate of $0.05 per minute anytime, which is the cheapest in the U.S. I’m the perfect example of this – last month my landline service cost me +/- $30 and I used about 180 minutes. If I had PlatinumTel, it would have only been $9.00. That translates to an annual savings of $252! Check out

  • Sherhonda Golden

    Well to sum this all up I dont care for landlines, i had a landline for a whole year tht I didnt use, and most of the time I forwarded any calls tht came to tht number to my cell which I have through PlatinumTel and pay only $60 a month for unlimited talk, text and web, I bascially wasted over 200 dollars for the landlline and would never get one again as long as PTel exist. Smoochies

  • Brandon Cruse

    i was once with at&t prepaid cell phone service and i couldnt afford that so i switched to platinumtel prepaid and i have way more money to buy other things…..and now that platinumtel is coming out wit a land line phone….i am sure to save even more money…

  • Brandon Cruse

    i once was with at&t for there land line and prepaid cell phone service and i couldnt afford that so i switched to platinumtel prepaid and by me being a college student i can save money for other things and also save on calling home too…

  • Keeady

    When I was with AT&T, I could not even use my phone as much as I wanted to but for emergency because it was so expensive. Now, I switched to platinumTel and I use my phone everyday for whatever I want. what’s the use of having a phone if you cannot even use it for its purpose. And they force you to add minutes even though you still have money in your account or otherwise your phone is deactivated. I’m glad I switched seriously.

  • Michael Doucette

    I use Platinumtels Real paygo plan And pay no more then $10 a mouth and i get talk text and web!

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