Early this season, there were some people unhappy with Julius Peppers’ production because he wasn’t racking up sacks like they expected.

But much like the rest of the Chicago Bears’ defense this season, Peppers’ success isn’t about highlights or flash. The defense believes in the schemes, and they’re willing to sacrifice individual success for team success.

Sunday’s Divisional Round win over the Seattle Seahawks was no different than any point in the season.

“I think we’re very efficient,” Bears’ safety Chris Harris said. “We did a pretty good job on third downs. We pretty much shut the run down, made them one dimensional.”

But the credit for the defensive success on Sunday, as well as all season, hasn’t been given to any one player. While the defense has three Pro-Bowl players, it takes all of the starters and rotation players for them to have success.

“Our defense isn’t a flashy defense,” Harris said, “we’re not built that way. I mean we don’t have a bunch of flashy guys on defense. We just have a bunch of blue collar guys that just do their jobs. It’s all about accountability.”

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