Video Captures Puppy Theft At Pet Store

 HOFFMAN ESTATES (STMW) — A man who purportedly was shopping for a puppy at a northwest suburban pet shop last week instead stole a Yorkshire Terrier valued at $1,700, police said.

The man, described as a male between 5-foot-8 and 5-foot-10 inches tall, wearing gray and black clothes, in addition to black gloves, with a tattoo on his neck and wearing a black rosary, went to the Petland store at 11 Golf Center in Hoffman Estates about 5:25 p.m. on Thursday and asked to see one of their black and tan Yorkshire Terriers, a police report said.

A clerk brought that kind of dog to the man, who took it into a viewing room, the report said. A few minutes later the man asked the clerk if he could see another dog, and the clerk went to get a different dog. The clerk showed him the second dog, and according to the report the man said “that one is too big.”

The clerk brought the second dog back to the kennel area, and when she returned to the viewing area she saw the door was ajar. The man, along with the Yorkshire Terrier, was gone. The clerk told police she saw the man, who was only in the store for about four minutes, leave the store and walk northbound toward Golf Road. She did not see if the man entered a vehicle. 

Responding officers checked out the immediate area, but did not find the man or the dog, which had a $1,700 price tag.

The puppy was about 10 weeks old and weighed just 1 pound, 3 ounces, according to one of the store’s owners.

“He is a very small puppy and needs to eat a special diet regularly,” the store owner said in an e-mail.

The thief is described as having a medium build, with brown spiked hair, and the tattoo on his neck was an unknown name in cursive script, the police report said.

Police “are actively pursuing the case,” Hoffman Estates Police Sgt. Greg Poulos said Monday. Anyone who might have information is asked to contact the police department at (847) 882-1818. 

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  • blipster

    I’ll tell you what’s really criminal: Selling animals for profit.

    • Pamela La Gioia

      I so agree!

    • MadSam

      $1700…Looks like “PETLAND” IS GETTING PAID!!! Wow, if I’m spending that type of money, I’m definitely not going to a store/puppy mill. BTW, wasn’t that pup a bit young to be away from it mama and her nutritious milk…no wonder why the puppy is on “a special diet”…it SHOULD STILL BE WITH IT’S MOTHER!! These small breeds are suffering because of places selling them so young, more worried about the MONEY, than the puppy’s LIFE! This guy walks in with gloves on, asks to see, hold, a puppy, distracts your employee and he then boogies out the door with the pocket sized pooch! Didn’t the fact that he DID NOT TAKE OFF HIS GLOVES RAISE SUSPICION…unless he knew/was instructed on what the procedures in the store are?? Maybe the store should keep track of pricey inventory a little better…ESPECIALLY WHEN IT’S A LIVE ANIMAL!!! MAYBE THE ASPCA SHOULD CHECK INTO THIS!!!

  • blipster

    Sorry for a second post, but it’s important for people to know that Petland has been known to get their dogs from puppy mills.

  • Truthy

    Blipster has it right. In addition, how about how puppies should be at LEAST 12 weeks old before they leave the litter??

    And then people wonder why they wind up with neurotic animals.

  • KEKE

    $1700 for a puppy WTH thats a down payment on a Ford Focus……….My daughter wants a a puppy but not for that kind of momey.

  • KEKE

    I meant money

  • Mr Voter

    …shelter dogs and cats are free and they will give you a lifetime of love and partnership……
    hope they catch this creep …

  • SE

    I agree that $1800 is a bit much – but that is what CAPITALISM is about. Apparently they must have enough business to be in business. And not that I would shop there and agree, it may be part of the “puppy mill” food chain, you all should get educated about the anilmals. 1. 10 weeks is NOT too young for a pup to leave her mom. Pups are on special diets the first YEAR of their lives, 2. The bad boys are the mills. Once in the store they are in a BETTER environment. 3. Some of these dogs are from legitamate breeders whp occaisionally whelp a “pet quality” pup… aka it’s coloring is not exactly right or there is a kink in the tail. Great dog but not “standard” perfect. I think you all missed the point of the story. The store is NOT the victim here –

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