By Dave Wischnowsky–

The football rivalry is in now its ninth decade.

The baseball one is entering its 12th.

On the gridiron, the adversaries haven’t met in the postseason for 70 years. On the diamond, meanwhile, they haven’t met in the playoffs for…well, ever.

But, come Sunday afternoon at Soldier Field, the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers will finally scratch their 70-year itch and renew playoff acquaintances in the conference championship game for the first time since 1941.

Will the Cubs and Cardinals ever do the same?

This week, all of Chicago is trembling with anticipation as it impatiently awaits Sunday’s epic throw-down by the lakeshore. So, to help occupy our fidgety minds and pass the time (Is that clock slow? It seems slow …) I thought we could examine an intriguing Windy City sports hypothetical.

And, so, here it is …

What do you think would be the bigger event for Chicago, these seven days of Bears-Packers NFC Championship buildup with a Super Bowl on the line … or seven games of Cubs-Cardinals NLCS drama with a World Series hanging in the balance?

And, beyond that, what would be the bigger event for you?

(Sorry, White Sox fans, you might have to sit this one out.)

Last Friday, before Chicago vs. Green Bay had even become a reality, I asked a Cubs- and Bears-loving co-worker this question and he replied, “I think I’d choose Bears-Packers,” before pausing and adding, “But ask me again during baseball season.”

With Chicago currently drunk on Ditka, sausages and Da Bears – as it should be – I’m guessing that right now the bulk of Chicagoans might also immediately answer in the affirmative toward the impending Bears-Packers NFC Championship Game, just like my co-worker. But then have to think more about it.

But, hey, you tell me.

Which Chicago sports frenzy do you think would be bigger (both for Chicago and for you): The football one that we’re blissfully in the midst of right now, or the baseball one that a Cubs vs. Cardinals NLCS could potentially produce?

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