CHICAGO (CBS/WBBM) — The Bears-Packers game Sunday will be the first time the teams play for a spot in the Super Bowl, but it’s a football rivalry that dates back to 1921.

Now, WBBM Newsradio 780’s Josh Liss reports on another memorable moment in Bears-Packers history – Nov. 17, 1963.

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The Bears beat the Packers 26-7 on Willie “The Wisp” Galimore’s 27-yard touchdown run, and took a half-game lead on the Packers with two games to go.

“Everybody knew what the Packers did. They had the end sweep to Boyd Dowler, the passes to Boyd Dowler, Taylor and Horning blasting away at you. They ran a lot of trap plays. We knew exactly where they were going to go, and they made no bones about it either, by the way. They said, ‘This is what you’re going to do, and you know what? Stop us,” said defensive end Ed O’Bradovich. “Well, we found out a way to stop them. We did stop them.”

O’Bradovich and the Bears ranked No. 1 on defense, and went on to smash the New York Giants 14-10 in the NFL Championship Game on Dec. 29.

Among the other stars of the 1963 Bears team were a corps of linebackers that carried the Bears to lead the NFL in defense – Larry Morris, Bill George and Joe Fortunato. And of course, who could forget linebacker and running back Johnny Morris, who went on to become CBS 2’s sports director for some 20 years, and of course, da tight end who went on to be Da Coach Mike Ditka.

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