It’s been a long week of analysis. Every angle of the game has been broken down and looked at under a microscope. From offense to defense to special teams, everyone has enough information to make their own prediction of the outcome.

“I’m not embarrassed by it,” NFL analyst, Hub Arkush said on the Danny Mac Show. “I’m picking the better team. I hate it, you know, I’d rather see the Bears win and go to the Super Bowl.”

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The Bears have one of the best defenses in the NFL, with one of the best defensive player in Julius Peppers, not to mention Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs. Their offensive explosion agaisnt Seattle leaves Bears’ fans many reasons to be optimistic. But according to Arkush, that just won’t be enough.

“I do think home field advantage is huge in the playoffs,” Arkush said. “But I’m sorry, I just look at the rosters, I think the Packers are the better football team. If I’m going to predict a quarterback in a situation like this, I think you have to take [Aaron] Rodgers over [Jay] Cutler.”

Arkush isn’t alone in his prediction, many across the league still don’t see the Bears as legitimate title contenders. But with the Packers favored by only  3.5-points, this game could go either way.

The Packers may have an edge offensively, and both defenses are evenly matched, the one advantage Arkush does give to the Bears is the special teams.

“The big edge that the Bears have in this game is special teams,” Arkush said. “And so if that comes into play, it could turn it. But you can’t predict that kind of thing.

“You look at the way these playoffs have gone, I have this game 31-20 Packers.”

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