CHICAGO (CBS) — The invasion of the dreaded Green Bay Packer fans into Chicago has begun. Are they running amok, hurling insults and taunts?

CBS2’s Mike Parker talked to some of them and found something that may shock and surprise you: They’re actually kind of nice.

One Packer fan described the traditional feud between the two teams this way:  “There’s a definite rivalry there, but it’s a respectful rivalry.”

He said it among fellow Packerites at the Northwoods Inn, a notorious hangout for Green Bay fans in the Lakeview neighborhood.

Bears fans aren’t making this bid for relative peace easy. One described Packers fans’ dialect as “hey dere, hi dere, ho dere.”

“You know how they talk out there,” the Chicago fan said. “They’re pretty hillbilly.”

And on the Internet, you can find a phony application to become a Packer fan. It asks for your neck shade: light red, medium or deep red. It asks how many teeth you expose with a full grin.

Some of the Green Bay fans who started streaming into Chicago Friday shrugged off the insults.

“It doesn’t bother me at all,” a Wisconsin resident on Michigan Avenue. “I think the truth will be told on Sunday. Then we’ll see who’s reading it to who.”

When asked what the worst thing he could say about Bears fans, another Packers enthusiast said, “Why would I say anything bad about a Bears fan? It’s a fair game. Let the best man win.”

So, despite what you may have heard, these Packer fans are nice.

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