The internet may have just changed for ever. First there was Facebook, then MySpace and then Twitter. Now we can welcome to the digital world.

The launch of the site coincides with Guillen’s birthday, as well as SoxFext 2011 and The Score’s celebrity Roast of Ozzie Guillen.

“I have wanted to do this for a couple years now so I can be as interactive with you guys as I can,” Ozzie said in his blog entry. “Now, you will be able to reach me at any time! Hopefully this site gives new meaning to fan interaction and will give you a better look into my life…so I hope you’re ready.”

I think it’s safe to say that while we may not be ready for, everyone is definitely excited about all the possibilities.

The website will contain everything from Ozzie’s blogs, news, behind the scenes video and photos, as well as information on The Ozzie Guillen Foundation.

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